Does YouTuber have a tattoo on his head?

Ake ike Paul reportedly got a head tattoo after his victory over Ben Askren in April this year. The tattoo is inked just above his left ear and has a tiger surrounded by a trio of butterflies.

Paul, however, was not very receptive to the head tattoo. When fans noticed that he noticed this, he posted a picture of the tattoo on his Instagram page and asked them to stop asking about it.

Below is a screenshot of Paul’s story. He captioned the picture. “Stop asking my head.”

Excerpt from Jake Paul
Excerpt from Paul’s Instagram

Throughout his YouTube boxing journey, Jake Paul has done many other tattoos on his body. According to: Body art guru, in addition to the tattoo on his head, he has 14 tattoos.

Some of his most popular tattoos include the Karma tattoo on his right shoulder.

She also has an RNBO tattoo on her stomach, which stands for Rise n ‘Be Original.

In addition, he has a sword tattoo on his back, which starts from the neck and stretches to the lower back.

When will the next fight ake ike Paul?

Trailler Fight Club:  Jake Paul v Ben Askren:
Trailler Fight Club: Jake Paul v Ben Askren:

Ake ike Paul is going to go against it Tyrone Woodley on August 28 of this year. The 26-year-old announced the fight via his Instagram, noting that the former UFC champion will be the most difficult test of his career.

Ahead of the fight, Paul predicted that Woodley would finish in two rounds.

“People have not even seen my skills and abilities in what I can do. “Tyrone Woodley has been boxing for a long time, and I’re going to take him out in two rounds,” said Paul Paul Brendan Schaub.

Paul’s last fight was against Ben Askren. He knocked out Funky Less than two minutes of the first period.

Proud of a 3-0 record as a professional boxer, he celebrated his debut against his YouTube friend AnEsonGib and defeated him in the starting lineup.

Paul then challenged Nate Robinson, Mike Tyson և Roy Jones Jr. Under He knocked out The former NBA star in the second round of the fight.

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