Dillon Dennis posts the old Logan Paul beef screenshot

MMA fighter Dillon Danis leaked a screenshot of his և direct messages Logan Paul,

For months, the brothers Paul and Danis have been mocking the idea of ​​squaring an egg, egg or egg. Danis is seen as a realistic adversary for each of the two men to face. Ake yak Paul got involved in a variety of physical altercations with Danis last year when he threw water balloons at a 2-0 Bellator fighter.

Dillon Danis vs. Logan Paul?

Now, it seems that Dillon Dennis seems to be focusing on Logan Paul. Paul recently participated in an eight-round boxing show against Floyd Mayweather.

Via:  Dillon Danis
Dialon Danis’s Instagram

As you can see, the two men are not best friends. Dillon Dennis first posted these screenshots late last year.

While some may find this a bit tedious, it is almost impossible not to respect and appreciate what the Paul Brothers have been able to create in the field of martial arts. Of course, we do not have to like it, but they attract the attention that is usually reserved for top stars. This is the reason Mayweather vs Logan Paul was able to collect over one million views per view per view.

Danis has not really fought inside the cage since 2019, many want to see where his mixed martial arts career will go from here. Alas, he seems to have been targeted by Pauls in an attempt to capture the attention of Conor McGregor, a close associate of Dillon Danes.

None of us knows exactly where it will lead, but it certainly came much more than we could have predicted. Dillon Dennis feeds on the idea that Logan ևke ike can be won by anyone in boxing or MMA.

The raw horse they ride one after the other is something we could probably do without it. However, given how much interest there is, we do not think it will disappear any time soon.

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