Chael Sonnen predicts boxing match between Oscar De La Hoya and Vitor Belfort

Former UFC և lightweight heavyweight challenger’s analyst Chael Sonne predicts upcoming exhibition fight Former UFC fighter Vitor Belfort և among boxing legend և Oscar de la Hoya,

Sonne remained true to his MMA roots and predicted victory for Belfort. Speaking on his YouTube channel, Chael Sonnen stated the following:

“Speaking of Vitor (Belfort) և Oscar De La Hoya, you want to guess ahead of me. I think Vitor is beating him. I think Vitor is going to walk there and beat him. “

Chael Sonnen’s reasoning for choosing Vitor Belfort

Chael Sonnen justified his choice for two main reasons. The first was his confidence in Belfort’s boxing skills. We recently saw Ben Askren try to get into boxing from MMA. However, even in his adulthood, Askren was still a wrestler. He showed his lack of boxing cunning as he was knocked out in one round.

However, Sonne does not believe that this will be the case in this fight. He announced the following.

“Vitor Belfort և his hands, I believe them. I really believe. I would not argue that Vitor is a better boxer than Oscar De La Hoya. “I’m not crazy.”

The second reason Chael Sonnen chose Belfort was because De La Hoya has been out of any martial arts since 2008. Otherwise, Belfort last participated in 2018. He had a fight that was scheduled for 2020, at least he was going to train.

Chael Sonnen said.

“But how good is the Oscar?” Frankly, we only know a few things about the Oscars. We know he did not give up boxing because he was very good at boxing. we know that. I mean, he’s forty-eight years old, if I’m wrong, he’s forty-nine years old. “I do not know how arrogant I am about the idea that he takes this as seriously as he should.”

From the boiler vs Belfort is set to take place under the Triller Fight Club flag this September. Location և Location is currently intended to be Las Vegas. The thriller has yet to make an official announcement on a specific date or what battles will fill the undercard slots.

Will Chael Sonnen’s prediction come true? Or will De La Hoya prove him wrong? Vote in the comments.

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