WWE News Roundup (June 18, 2021)

We came back with one more fascination WWE: News summary.

This week, the former lead writer opened a romance story for Mandy Rose. John Sinai spoke about his talk competitor for SummerSlam 2021. Stephanie McMahon boldly insists on the future of WWE.

Meanwhile, reigning WWE Champion Bobby Lashley has revealed some secrets about how he stays fit. Additionally, King Corbin responded to the AEW star by becoming the first wrestler to use his first cryptocurrency.

Let’s dive into the latest WWE news.

# 5 Vince Rousseau’s Brave Story for WWE Superstar Mandy Rose

Vince Rousseau discovered Why on-screen relationships tag team partners Mandy Rose և Dana Brooke would be a good idea.

The former WWE writer writes that there is no good reason why Rose and Brooke became a team in the first place. Therefore, if WWE ordered them as a serious romantic couple, it could add an interesting context to their on-screen matches.

Here is what Vince Rousseau said in a Sportskeeda Wrestling book with Rousseau and Dr. Chris Fefferston.

“If they [Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke] were a couple [on screen]”They would really take care of each other,” said Vince Rousseau. “And if one of them got hurt, if someone got a fever on one of them, it changes the bets a little bit.” “Now he is not only the partner of my labeling team, this is my soulmate,” so to speak.

Writing in an episode with Rousseau, he further raised that opponents like Nia Jax և Shayna Baszler can attack Mandy Rose or Dana Brook to create an emotional clash in the team. Rousseau cited several romantic stories from the past to substantiate his opinion.

“What’s the difference between this DDP and Kimberley?” Sage և Elizabeth, Kurt Angle և Karen Angle. “We have been through relationships millions of times,” Rousseau said. “I’m looking at this [Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke] in the exact same way. You can make a partition angle. You can do “what will be the Page? [DDP] to do or is it savage if their wife was really hurt, hurt by someone? ” You can really do a lot. ”

In an age where homosexuality is the norm, the romantic story of Mandy Rose և Dana Brook should be done to taste, according to Rousseau.

Do you think the WWE tall men will be ready to do the same on any part of the road?

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