World Test Championship final. “This Indian team has a great balance, they can disturb any combat unit.” Surav Ganguli

Surav Ganguli is very worried if the World Cup final (WTC) final is played on a grassy surface, because he is sure Team India:sewing bowling attack. Ganguli said that men in blue clothes have their balance, “it will be a pleasant fight regardless of the conditions.”

Recently, the Indian team announced their XI to play in the WTC final, and Mohamed Shami, asprit Bumran և Ishant Sharma made a three-man sewing attack. The team also played with two spinners in the form of Ravindra ade adeja and Ravichandra Ashvin.

First look at the surface of Southampton suggests that a lot of grass can be offered for the WTC final, but Surav Ganguli is not so concerned about the conditions.

In a conversation with Patrick Bazaar, the former captain of India said:

“I was watching TV, there could be grass on the field. But like them (New landland )land), we are under terrible attack. as aspritum Bumra, Muhammad Shami, Ishant Sharma. It’s an attack at a brilliant pace. They can interfere with anyone. batting unit. Then we have two shiny scars. This Indian team has a great balance. It will be a nice fight. “

Mohamed Siraj և Hanuma Vihari, who were considered candidates to play in the XI, had to miss because the leadership of the Indian team tried Ishand Sharma և Ravindra ade adeja experienced couple.

“Yes, after winning the throw you can definitely beat” – Surav Ganguli

With heavy rains forecast for the WTC final, the conditions may be more suitable for Southampton players. However, Surav Ganguli compared it to the time when India selected Hedingley against England for the first time in 2002 under such conditions, and in the very first innings he scored 600+ runs on the board.

India won that Test match with a new one, although some experts were puzzled when Ganguli chose to beat first. The former captain added that regardless of the first or second beating, Virat Colin և com. To put the kiwis under pressure, they will have to put a big run on the board.

“Yes, you can definitely fight after winning the throw. But we also need to see the terms of the chapter. I heard it would be cloudy because of the rain. However, there is no doubt that we need to run big. “Everyone will have to contribute with a stick, only then will it be possible to put pressure on the opposition on the board by and large,” Ganguli said.

Although this was built as a grand finale, Virat Colin downplayed the possibility of the WTC final և stated that the Indian team does not see it as a “final frontier”.

I look forward to Shikhar Dhawan’s seniority. – Yuvraj Singh in an exclusive interview with SK

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