The EU has canceled a lawsuit against AstraZeneca over the vaccine delay

The European Commission has lost its legal bid to force AstraZeneca to ship millions of doses of its Covid-19 vaccine or face large fines.

AstraZeneca was initially expected to deliver up to 300 million doses to the EU in the first six months of this year, but after production problems, that forecast was reduced to 100 million. The commission wanted a Brussels judge to order the company to increase the figure to 120 million with a daily fine of 10 euros for each deficit, fines of up to billions of euros.

However, according to AstraZeneca, the court ordered him to deliver only 10 million more doses than he has already sent – a total of 80 million by September, which may end prematurely by the end of June.

Both sides claimed victory in an unusual legal battle, AstraZeneca said it was pleased with the court’s decision, and the Commission said it reaffirmed its position.

AstraZeneca has stated that it is looking forward to a new partnership with the Commission. AstraZeneca chief consultant Jeffrey Pot said: “AstraZeneca has fully complied with its agreement with the European Commission. We will continue to focus on the urgent need to deliver an effective vaccine that we use to help protect people in Europe. “One of the deadliest epidemics of a generation in the world.”

Commission chairwoman Ursula von der Leyen also ruled in favor of the winner.

“This decision confirms the position of the Commission. AstraZeneca did not fulfill its obligations under the contract. “It is good to see that an independent judge confirms this,” he said

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