The beauty of a foolish mind

I have spent the past few weeks surrounded by people who are losing or have lost their minds. In the autobiography of Cined O’Connor Memories:, The 54-year-old singer looks back on her health, which was marked by the magic of child abuse, abandonment and long periods in the sanatorium. The latest charm of insanity, according to his own diagnosis, was the menopausal psychosis after a hysterectomy, for which he was ill-prepared, found him in institutions outside of them for six years. The big pages of his life are forever vague for him. He wrote the book in two sessions, as he calls it, on both sides of the “Iranian House” of his time.

However, the woman was once sent into cultural exile to tear down a picture of Pope John Paul II during a performance. Live on Saturday night still brilliantly clear. He diverts the industry, which puts him as a “crazy lady” with destructive insight, reveals in his madness a woman who seems unacceptable for cunning.

Similarly, Netflix’s latest: Bo Burnham: Inside, which he wrote, performed, directed, and edited, the humorist explores the anxiety he developed because of his lightning fame, his suicidal feelings, which he mainly puts into singing. Com’s funny savant, who gained international recognition as a teenager for streaming YouTube sketches from his bedroom, Burnham remembers millennial Tom Lehrer.

Sinéad O’Connor Torn a Picture of the Pope on Saturday Night Live, 1992 © Getty Images

Inside It is an inner odyssey in which he harmonizes mental illness, cultural wars, the experience of the epidemic with humor, with strange general themes. My favorite is the sketch in which he wonders about his decision, in elementary school, Aladdin for a birthday party, whether he will be exposed by a crowd of social media for cultural assimilation.

Finally, inside Father:, Florian Z elerThe French director’s directorial debut directs Anthony Hopkins to the Oscars in an adaptation of his own play about Alzheimer’s, filling the screen with a Polanski-like premonition, creating an atmosphere in which the audience, like the protagonist, feels anomic and confused.

Although some of these projects were developed and even implemented before Covid, they are a number of works that will surely be appreciated in the genre of “pandemic art”.

Anthony Hopkins in his Oscar-winning role in “Father” © Alam

Views: Father:, whose stage game was first produced in 2012, I found that depicting the Z trap was terribly familiar. he beautifully describes the horror of living in a fast-paced world of mindless repetition. Cined O’Connor writes with astonishing simplicity about the agrophobia he now feels he has spent in solitude, as if, despite his best efforts on social issues, he would have preferred to be at home. Bo Burnham completes his feature by dramatizing his exit from the claustrophobic space in which he worked on his material for a year, and then found himself crumpled in the spotlight as he tried to leave the door.

It is probably ironic that these studies of psychosis, misery, and brain dysfunction should have had a much stronger resonance than the bending hoop that now accompanies our return to normal life. I was horrified when I read the New York Magazine’s exhortation on “The Return of FOMO,” which recently included a story about the return of pre-epidemic social anxiety that you can “lose.”

“FOMO may have been in the winter for a while,” writes Matthew Schneier, “but we can now enter a new golden age as we try to make up for lost time by doing more than ever.” The city operates through FOMO, a connoisseur of opportunities և opportunities. “Have you been invited? Are you on the list? Can you get a table?” implementation of plans. ” Eur. While Cined O’Connor left me feeling quite euphoric, the noise of being on the right list was suddenly suppressed.

In the United States, or perhaps especially in New York, the epidemic is now almost certainly old-fashioned. “Now that Covid is behind us. “I have read many letters from my colleagues in the United States in recent weeks. It is believed that America has taken the virus out of its mind. To make the Constitution stronger, we can now predict #girl’s summer like no other. If you believe in the new underground storage of advertising, we will now start a stormy summer in scenes reminiscent of a new movie by Lin-Manuel Miranda. In the heights,

So far, I’m much more comfortable with the displaced. “Skin works”, as O’Connor allows himself to be described, have much more interesting things to say. This long pause in production allowed for powerful scrutiny. I hope this will be the moment when a number of wonderful new things are being done.

Alfred Hitchcock is the subject of a new biography of Edward White © Alam

Finally, Alfred Hitchcock’s genius as a “visual poet of anxiety and chance” may be suggested in a new biography of Edward White The Twelve Lives of Alfred Hitchcock, attributed to the extreme fears he developed as a teenager during World War I. Paranoyan որը Terror of almost everything provided him with fuel to make about 50 films. And as the epidemic reminds us, Shakespeare produced King Lear in the year of the plague, possibly during quarantine.

Bo Burnham is destined to be our Covid Bard. Maybe not, but Inside is a brilliant study of chaotic thinking on social media. Similarly, with his own portrait of “madness”, O’Connor becomes the most likely seer this year.

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