“I’m just so motivated և inspired by his decision”

Earlier this year Andrade he asked if he was released WWE:“It was decided that her fiancé, Charlotte Flair, wholeheartedly approved.

Andrad El Idolo made his surprise debut MORE: Dynamite Two weeks ago, the world of wrestling was buzzing about it since it was once again trying to find success outside of the WWE umbrella.

Recently, Charlotte Flair sat down with Graham Matthews Bleacher Report: Discuss various topics, including Andrade’s surprise departure from the WWE, which Blair said was his dream job.

“I’m just so motivated and inspired by her decision,” said Charlotte Flair. – It was his dream to be in WWE, but I think he knew, he felt he wanted more. He could get more, maybe show more of his worth, work on the things he needed to like his English, that’s what he needed to be where he wanted to be. Do it on your own – do not be afraid of the future, but know that he will succeed, one day he will return … I do not know, that is what he would like to do. But he wants success. He wants the platform. He wants to be better. He wants to show the main event shows. To see how he comes out the other night when he debuted, full star. You can not deny him, he is a star. Working on his English, I know that things will get better and better for him, I support him 100%. Watching is really inspiring. “He just went and did it.”

Charlotte Flair thinks she will be afraid to leave the WWE

Since Andrade is now in another company, it is natural for wrestling fans to wonder if Charlotte Flair will eventually follow her. But as a WWE homemaker, it does not appear that Flair intends to leave home.

“I’m a WWE housewife,” said Charlotte Flair. “It simply came to our notice then. I’m a computer product. It would be so scary for me to leave my WWE home. “To know that he has traveled the world, that he will continue to travel the world, to give himself a bigger name, I am very excited for him.”

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