How to find two Genshin Impact projects for hidden vendors?

The influence of Genshin Drawings play an important role in furnishing a player’s Serenitea Pot and increasing their confidence in the game.

In addition to the travel kettle seller և Realm Depot, there are other hidden ways to get player drawings at Genshin Impact.

This article looks at two secret game charts that are not listed by any Tubby or Serenitea Pot signage.

Location of two hidden vendor drawings at Genshin Impact

Sellers sell all of Genshin Impact’s hidden drawings on their own drawings For Mora. Most of these drawings cost 50,000 mora, and only one of them cost 25,000 mora.

There are no requirements for finding these NPPs, although it should be noted that they lay eggs during the day.

Hidden vendors of the project in Mondstadt

Goth is one of the hidden vendors of the Genshin Impact project (Image via Sportskeeda)
Goth is one of the hidden vendors of the Genshin Impact project (Image via Sportskeeda)

Goth is a hidden dealer in Mondstadt who sells some funny drawings to players who go out of their way to find him. His four drawings are:

  • Deadwood Road Sign:
  • Lightning protection tent
  • Simple one person tent
  • Adventurous camp

The Deadwood Road sign costs 25,000 It is a must, everything else costs 50,000 Mora each.

To find Goth, players simply have to go south of Favonius Knights HQ. It is located next to a bench in front of a fountain with four small plants in each corner.

The Deadwood Road sign requires only four Fir wood For comparison, to make a lightning protection tent, a simple one-person tent requires eight birch sticks and four fabrics.

At the same time, to make an adventurous camp, players need all three of the above items, plus the “Color of the Wind”, six solid pine fences, and two green fountains.

Idden is a hidden vendor of drawings in the village

Master Lou
Master Louis Location at Genshin Impact (Image via Sportskeeda)

The other hidden project worth talking about is Master Lu, located in the south of the village of ce inje. He sells only three projects, all of which cost 50,000 Mora.

  • The burden of the adventurer
  • Lonely and careful adventurer
  • Dialogue Twixt old tree և rock

“Adventurer’s Load” is a common project that requires four pine trees and four fabrics. Meanwhile, the lonely, cautious adventurer requires a “Adventurer’s Load”, a “Dead Tree Road Sign”, and a simple one-person tent (all acquired through these two hidden vendors) to make crafts.

To make Dialogue Twixt Ancient Tree and Rock, Genshin Impact players need a Green Fountain, Hidden limestone, and a real walnut tree.

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