“He knows how the police are inside.” Candidate for mayor of New York

When New York City Mayor’s race began in earnest late last year, the city was still in turmoil from George’s Floyd սպան սպան և և և և և և սպան ից սպան սպան սպան սպան:

Eric Adams, a former police officer who calls for more NYPD officers as he approaches the Democratic primary in Tuesday’s election, is one of the front-runners in a New York City’s referendum on public security.

Several inquiries were shown to Adams leading: The crowded field, as a major wave of shootings and hate crimes, raised public security to the height of voters’ concerns, while the response to the coronavirus epidemic, which had previously been a leading issue, faded.

From the moderate party, Adams is running against entrepreneur Andrew Young և Catherine Garcia, the former head of the city’s sanitation department, whose campaign seems to be gaining momentum. Everyone has proposed various reforms to improve the police, from better training to raising the recruitment age to imposing severe sanctions on bad officers. However, they rhetorically support the police force և their role in the city և reject progressive calls to reduce resources.

“Nothing works in our city without public safety, we need police for public safety,” Ian said after a four-year-old girl was shot dead in Times Square last month.

At the same time, Garcia rejected the “repayment” as unserious, saying: “Loves live, end. “But we still need a secure police force.”

To their left is Maya Will, the former attorney general for Mayor Bill de Blasio, who promised to deprive the NYPD of $ 1 billion and direct it to social services. He has benefited from a number of recent approvals, including Alexandria Occasio-Cortez, a Bronx congressman, and a progressive star.

“Here is the reality. “We are hiring police officers to do the work of social workers,” he said in a recent debate on Wednesday evening that focused on public safety issues.

Newman Williams, New York City’s public attorney, said he was forced to support his campaign after concluding that voters had been given a false choice. More police or more violence. “Only the police can never provide public security,” Williams said.

Another leading candidate, Dian Morales, a former school official who wants to take $ 3 billion from the police station, has gone so far as to claim that the police make the city more dangerous.

In Tuesday’s Democratic primary, the winner of Tuesday’s general election will almost certainly hold the November general election, taking over the reins of America’s largest city at a dangerous time as it tries to recover from an epidemic that has killed more than 33,000 people.

Whoever wins, some analysts and observers have concluded that the political wind has passed over security.

“Pend has come out in a comeback movement, I think it is being pushed back now,” said Richard Abor, chairman of the Citizens’ Crimes Committee, a non-partisan group advocating for better policing. “I think the return movement prospered only for a short time, which happened because crime was very low.”

Alexander Reichl, a professor at CUNY Queens College, agrees that the growing crime has “transformed” the mayoral race, saying: “The wind has blown away the sails of many progressives.”

Similar debates are taking place in other US cities, which are experiencing an increase in crime. But, as Reichl noted, it was a unique issue for New Yorkers because of “the long shadow of the 1970s, the fear of getting out of control of the city.”

According to NYPD statistics, the number of shootings has increased by 64% this year, compared to the second week of June, compared to the same period last year, when the number also increased. Filming has more than doubled in 12 months compared to the previous 12 months. Homicides increased by 13% and hate crimes by 117%.

According to the New York Police Department, the New York City shooting schedule is about 12 months old, compared to the same period last year.  In 2020, the shooting accelerated sharply.  In 2021 (for which the NYPD data rises to June 13), shootings are much higher than in previous years, but growth has slowed slightly in recent weeks

The numbers did not add to the horror, which was provoked by the information about the attack on the sidewalks of elderly Asian women, the demolition of neighborhoods, as graffiti and other illegalities are taking root.

“The situation is very bad. “The city has almost politically renounced any use of quality-of-life crimes, be it porous pests, traffickers, drug dealers in the corner, or anyone emotionally disturbed by the homeless,” said William Bratton.

Bratton headed the police department under Mayor Rudolf ul Ulyan, when declining crime rates led to rising property prices and the renaming of New York City as “America’s safest city.”

Bratton returned in 2014 during the first three years of De Blasio’s rule. Crime continued to fall, even as he reduced the aggressive “stop and accelerate” tactics that sowed so much discontent in black, Hispanic communities during the Bloomberg era.

For most of the resuscitation, Bratton blamed criminal justice reforms adopted by city and state politicians, including the payment of cash bail for numerous offenses. He lamented how the assassination of Floyd by Minneapolis police in May 2020 and other similar incidents “split” trust in colored communities.

Andrew Ian is right և Catherine Garcia, the Democratic nominee for mayor of New York, after participating in the June 16 primary Democrat debate © REUTERS

“Whoever is elected mayor should be their first priority, as it will probably get worse before it gets better,” he said.

According to Williams, an advocate for the public interest, this analysis ignores the role of the epidemic, its economic and social shifts, while closing the courts. For those who advocate only gradual reform, he noted, the Minneapolis Police Department conducted its own review before Floyd was assassinated.

“We need to rethink public safety in its true form, because what we were doing allows the police to take all this responsibility, it does not work,” he said.

The story of Adams’ political origins begins with police violence. Growing up in Queens, he says he and his brother were beaten in a local basement by two white police officers. That experience, he says, led to a career in law enforcement to bring about change from within.

After a career spanning 22 years, he retired as a senior, during which time he founded the “100 Blacks of Law Enforcement” group, which works to fight racism in that force and to build better relations with the black community.

Adams’ campaign showed some of the bugs, particularly his past fundraising practices, and more recently the question of whether he was actually a resident of New Jersey. (He is not, he insists.) He has an unusual tendency to speak in the third person.

But the reputation of his pragmatic deal calmed the city’s business elite. He was also in a good position to change his attitude towards crime. Times after the shooting of Times Square, he held a press conference nearby.

“Gun violence,” he said this week when asked what his priority would be if elected mayor. “You are constantly watching it in all parts of our city.” He clarified that the salary was human, but it was connected with the economic recovery of the city. “No tourist is going to come to this city if a three-year-old child is shot dead in Times Square.”

Among other changes, Adams offered to hire more colored officers and reduce bureaucracy to send more police to districts. Contradictory, he wants to revive special “anti-crime units” disbanded last year to address weapon crimeHe refused to “stop” on the condition that it be used properly, a point on which Wiley repeatedly gave him a hammer.

“He knows the police from the inside out, the advantage that the reformer has is that he will understand what can be done, he will be in a very good position to reject the notion that what is not possible,” Aborn told the Citizens’ Crime Committee.

But Victoria Davis, whose brother Delaware Small was shot dead by New York police in 2016 after a road rage, was not convinced. Davis accused Adams of “playing in fear” and ridiculed him as a “case” [candidate] for whites who want to be advanced but do not know how. ”

Ed Garcia Conde, a longtime resident blogger who has lived through the tragedy of recent years in New York City, south of the Bronx, has felt that his grievances have been passed down through the generations.

“You have an older generation that wants to ‘send troops’ to do something to increase gun violence, and then you have a younger generation that wants to ‘compensate’ the police,” said Garcia Conde. “Who will come out to vote?”


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