Coronavirus is the latest. All adults in England can order vaccines as 18 year olds call

An eighth person over the age of 50 in England had his hospital surgery or treatment canceled last year, a UCL study has found.

Eye cancer surgery was the most common treatment that was delayed because blocking restrictions were detrimental to health.

According to the study, which analyzed data from more than 7,000 adults, the elderly and the poorest were most affected.

About 20 percent of people with two or more medical conditions have had their surgery or other treatment canceled.

Despite the difficulty in securing appointments, the diagnosis of diabetes, including diseases such as arthritis and chronic lung disease, has risen from pre-epidemic levels. “It is possible that fewer opportunities for physical activity and social interaction were played out,” said Paola and Aninotto, a UCL academic and lead author of the study.

At the same time, far fewer deposits have been diagnosed. In November 2020: December, about 3.6 adults per 1,000 were diagnosed with dementia, up from 9.1 before the epidemic.

Anin Aninotto said that in addition to barriers to accessing health care, this could be because social isolation meant that “cognitive decline” went unnoticed by friends and relatives.

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