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Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs Part I went public on June 8, և 10 days after Mojang released its first initial release with 1.17.1. This initial release introduces some changes to some of the game mechanics, eliminating many bugs.

The following is a complete list of changes made to Minecraft 1.17.1 Preliminary Release 1:

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Preview of Minecraft caves այ rocks

Players can download: updated data set here!

Changes in Preview 1.17

  • Blue axons can now be obtained only through breeding
  • Non-shouting goats now have a rare opportunity to shout while breeding goats
  • Goat status traces now apply even when the goat jumps or blinks
  • Drowned copper bullion drop to 11% + 2% for robbery
  • Powdered snow now fills boilers twice as fast as before (though still quite slowly)
  • Zombies, Zombie Villagers, Husks և Drowned will no longer take bags of glossy ink

1.17 Technical changes in pre-release 1

  • In the case of a DNS-based redirect, the client will send the name of the host that was actually used to connect (this resets behavior up to 1.17)

1.17.1 Errors Corrected in Preliminary Issue 1

  • MC-123654: – Ar, moon և / or clouds are not displayed if the delivery distance is less than 4
  • MC-131290: – Witches are kept as shorts, but they are loaded and operate at full value
  • MC-156155: – The Turkish lira sign (₺) appears as խաղում in the game
  • MC-194736: – Duplicate text mapping for U + 00B7
  • MC-196999: – U + 1FEC is incorrect in Minecraft font
  • MC-213986: – With cylinders և dispensers you can create ghost blocks with powder snow
  • MC-219018: – Ghost items can be created using / material (server does not update client inventory correctly)
  • MC-223350: – Loaded pieces are sometimes not served until the player moves his head slightly
  • MC-225816: – Hanging roots look great when the item is a subject
  • MC-226461: – Logs near lava pools can be replaced with stone
  • MC-226948: – Withers is now influencing the impact of alcohol
  • MC-227387: – World price data packages are likely to disrupt or soften the game
  • MC-227435: – Blocking when non-existent player heads are installed on servers
  • MC-227483: – The root_system property configuration code uses an incorrect field
  • MC-227520: – Overworld fossils always form at the level of the cornerstone
  • MC-227557: – After the transformation of the world, the fabric of the end of the portal stretches
  • MC-227618: – The small drop is consumed without being placed when it is used on high grass
  • MC-227651: – The recipes for casting and blasting lapis lazuli ore were misspelled
  • MC-227821: – Client crash when trying to create / edit the area immediately after deleting the previous one
  • MC-227891: – Ender pearls are discouraged when the player leaves the server
  • MC-228219: – Thrown end pearls disappear when entering the exit portal
  • MC-228343: – java.lang.NullPointerException when the default property of random_selector is not found
  • MC-228430: – Too long load pause while running the game (“Failed to add PDH counter” due to oshi)
  • MC-228828: – When starting the game – specifying the server setting will cause the game to crash
  • MC-229299: – Blue axolots can spawn naturally

Get the initial issue

Preliminary releases are available on Minecraft. For Java Edition. Open to install the initial release Minecraft Label: և Attach photos to the Settings tab.

Keep in mind that early releases can corrupt the existing Minecraft world, so be sure to back up և (or) run them in a folder different from the main worlds.

If players want to help Mojang, they can report errors here:! And if they want to leave Mojang feedback on the new Minecraft update, they can share it here:!

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