Charlotte Flair was disappointed with the latest headlines

You may not like it Charlotte Flair He is always in the title picture, but in retrospect he is also not happy with his last championship.

Recently, Charlotte Flair sat down with Graham Matthews Bleacher Report: talk about different subjects. Although Flair admits that he has had many reigns as champion, he has not yet rejoiced in his recent titles.

“Yes, I am a 13-time champion, but I really have not been successful in the title in the last few years,” said Charlotte Flair. “Yes, I have been in the title picture endlessly, but apart from the title tags I have not been a champion, but people just associate me [with that]Thus [I’m thinking]”Play with it, go with it,” but I was pursuing. At the same time, as I said in Raw Talk, do I need to be called to become Charlotte Flair? Absolutely not. Am I going to be different? Absolutely not. “

Charlotte Flair always wants to play heel

Before returning from WrestleMania 37, it had been difficult for the past year to assess whether Charlotte Flair was a heel or a face that left. WWE: The universe was confused about how they should react to it. However, his last run left no doubt that he was a heel.

“I always want to be a heel,” said Charlotte Flair. “When I came back after WrestleMania, there was no doubt about who I was. There is no doubt which side it is on [I’m on], All that frustration, all that confusion, putting it all there. I really feel that way [been] pictured during all my promos. There is so much you can do in the ring, այդ that ability to have a microphone has really helped me to have some kind of wrinkle in April. ”

Do you think Charlotte Flair will win? Rea Ripley In jail in hell this Sunday? If so, will the Queen be happy with her 14th championship? Let us know what you think by clicking on the comments section below.

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