Can Solrock և Lunatone shine in Pokemon GO?

Solrock և Lunatone is currently on display as Tier One Raid bosses at Pokemon GO. Players are now wondering if brilliant versions of this Pokemon can appear in a mobile game.

Additionally, both of these dual Rock / Psychic species spawn more frequently during Pokemon GO Tropical event,

Taking both Solrock and Lunatone should not be too much of a challenge for Pokemon GO players, although some coaches want to know if the glare is playing before they decide to fight the pocket monsters.

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Solrock և Lunatone shiny horses can be found on Pokemon GO

Luck prevailed on the brilliant hunters of Pokemon GO, as both Solrock and Lunatone brilliant horses can be caught in a mobile game. In fact, now is a better time than ever for a player who wants to get one of these glitter.

To have the best chance of meeting Shiny Solrock or Lunatone, the player must launch as many Tier One Raids as possible against those Pocket Monsters.

Because these uniquely shaped Pokemon are dual Rock / Psychic types, such counters can be used against them in attack battles. After all, the player has to beat Solrock or Lunatone every time before they have a chance to see if it’s brilliant և try to catch them.

The following Pokemon will work well as counters against these two attack leaders.

  • Metagross with Bullet Punch fast-paced և Meteor Mash
  • Crowdon using the Snarl և Crabhammer moves
  • Rhyperior is full of mudslides and earthquake attacks
  • Nd ah recognizes the Hex և Shadow Ball
  • Excadrill using metal clutch և earthquake
  • Gengar moves the Lick and Shadow Ball using the Ghost type

Multiple use of the above or the same type of Pokemon will allow the player to quickly work on both Solrock and Lunatone. Trainers must participate in one of these two raids as many times as they can while the Pokemon is on display so that they have the best chance of meeting the brilliant version.

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