5 UFC fighters whose lack of training is strength

In: UFC: Over the years he has been involved in all subjects of martial arts. From karate to freestyle wrestling, the champions have come in all shapes and sizes. What is rare are fighters who lack martial arts experience prior to their debut.

Some of the fighters on this list eventually changed their style and level of experience. There was a time in their independent careers when lower grades separated them from their peers. These inexperienced fighters had everything from dangerous, amazing tactics that fighters were not prepared for until superhuman athleticism.

With less experience in retreating, these five fighters uncovered hidden depths և approaches that no one was ready for. At times, there really may be less.

# 5 UFC former middleweight fighter Nate Quarry

Nate Quarry (right) was quite a knockout in his day
Nate Quarry (right) was quite a knockout in his day

Nate Quarry’s first professional fight took place relatively late at the age of 29. A growing member of Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Quarry (12-4) was banned from participating in any competitive sports. Karhin was discovered by MMA only at the age of 24 and was expelled from his family as a punishment for starting training.

The quarry in the octagon showed the non-orthodox mixture of Brazilian Ji yu its zhitsu և Muay Thai. What he lacked in experience, he did more than compensate for in the aggression of athletics.

Karhan first competed in the UFC with TKO in a victory over Lodune Sincaid in April 2005. The dangerous, unconventional blow to the quarry led him to several stop-up victories in the UFC, even forcing Caleb Starness to fight for his life in UFC 183. The strike և the struggle made him a dangerous man until his retirement in 2012.

# 4 UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar

UFC 200:  Tate v Nunes
UFC 200: Tate v Nunes

Huge cash draw for the UFC WWE:ի: Brock Lesnar (5-3-1) was not technically the most skilled fighter. At 6’3 գերազանց over 265 pounds when he was not fighting, the magnificent Lesnar had the strength to stalk a duck.

High school-college wrestler Lesnar had to grab the court when it came to strikes. Having spent most of his 20s in the WWE, The Beast was inexperienced in many aspects of the game. This was shown almost immediately by Lesnar Nemesis, Frank Mir. Touching Brock in the first round of their UFC 81 collision, Mir went out of his way to illuminate the former WWE champion next year.

What Brock Lesnar lacked in experience was more than compensated for by relentless aggression. Explosively strong, surprisingly light, for its size, Lesnar showed an unpredictable blow – a pound of land.

Lesnar hit home with a hammer to see how dangerous his tasteless style could be when he defeated the TKO UFC heavyweight champion. Randy CoutureThe evolution of Lesnar’s strength was fully demonstrated when he held the gold against Mir during a brutal collision in the UFC 100. If Lesnar had practiced boxing like Muay Thai from an early age, he would hardly have developed his fearful approach to hitting. just like he did.

Former # 3 UFC welterweight champion Rich Franklin

UFC 103. Franklin and Belfort
UFC 103. Franklin and Belfort

Rich Franklin, a high school math teacher who became a UFC middleweight champion, had a non-traditional path to MMA fame. Franklin (29-7-1) was almost 25 years old when he made his professional combat debut in 1999.

While practicing karate from an early age, Franklin never thought that fighting life would increase. When MMA aroused his interest, Franklin began to fight in a 12’x15 ‘backyard cottage, watching videos. This minimalist approach eventually helped Franklin develop the eccentric style he built over the next seven years.

In 2005, when he took over TKO against MMA legend Ken Shamrock, the power of Franklin’s fist was widely feared. Franklin gradually moved to more regular training in areas such as BJJ, wrestling and kickboxing. Despite this, his innovative approach to striking remained his signature in the octagon.

# 2 Current UFC heavyweight fighter Derrick Lewis

UFC Fight Night.  Lewis - Oleinik
UFC Fight Night. Lewis – Oleinik

By his own confession, Derrick Lewis (25-7-1) seriously lacks martial arts expertise. After boxing at the age of 17, Lewis would eventually receive training from two-time world heavyweight champion and Olympic gold medalist George Lor Forman. Despite making a promise in pugilism, Lewis decided to commit to full-time MMA after defeating Nick Mitchell in his first professional fight.

Taking a minimalist approach, it is known that Lewis spends only 30-60 minutes every day training in the gym. Padded մեքեն Cardiovascular machines, such as the Stairmaster, Runway, the giant Lewis rarely lift or lose weight. Aside from taking tips from YouTube videos, he has no expertise in any major martial arts that has been successfully practiced by MMA fighters over the years.

An inhumanly strong: unpredictable lack of knowledge of Lewis martial arts styles has led to his own creation. With lightning fast knockout power, some weird escape escapes that have ever been caught on camera, Lewis is extremely dangerous. No. 2 UFC Heavyweight Lewis prepares for UFC Heavyweight title bout with old foe Francis Ngani later this year.

Former # 1 UFC welterweight champion Frank Shamrock

Shamrock was a different animal when he was a novice
Shamrock was a different animal when he was a novice

Widely praised as one of the best mixed martial arts artists of all time, Frank Shamrock was another beast in his early years. Adopted by Bob Shamrock after a rough childhood in foster care in a juvenile prison, Frank was not initially involved in martial arts. On the 22nd, he informed Bob Shamrock that he intended to leave the college.

Understandably disappointed, Bob Shamrock allowed Frank to return with him on only one condition. He starts training Ken Shamrock,

From a relatively late age, inexperienced Frank Shamrock set the world on fire less than a year later. Debuted for Japanese MMA Promotion Pancrase in 1994, Shamrock takes over MMA: heavyweight pioneer Bass Ruthen. In one of the biggest worries in the history of the sport, Shamrock upset the triple king of Pancrase with a decisive victory.

Shamrock’s eccentric fight փակ closing approach proved to be a hit’s next year. While he took over from Pancrase founder Minoru Suzuki, Shamrock was introduced to Manabu Yamada and Masakatsu Funaki. Improving in each fight, Shamrock won the title of King of Pancrase in 1996.

What ոք Shamrock’s lack of experience at the time was more than invented by intensity athletics. Shamrock’s excellent performances over the next six years led to his complete immersion in martial arts. At that time, Shamrock switched from Pancrase’s non-Orthodox schedule to a well-rounded forward և black belt wrestler who stormed the UFC. Experienced or inexperienced Frank Shamrock has often proven to be one of the best he has ever done.

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