The National Badminton Scholarship Program announced by Gopichand

Badminton coach Pulela Gopichhand has reportedly launched a scholarship program for students to help them take up badminton as a full-time profession. At the Bengaluru Sports School, the Badminton National Scholarship Program, along with its technical partner Badminton Gurukul, will train students to help them play sports without compromising on their academics.

Eligible students will be offered up to 100% scholarship to succeed in their badminton professional endeavors.

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Pulela Gopichand said. “Badminton Gurukul is an initiative initiated to promote physical literacy, to create a positive game experience, through quality training, which is organized, organized in a systematic way.”

He wants young badminton enthusiasts to reach their full potential.

“We are very happy to be connected to the Sports School, the 1st integrated school of the Indian Academy of Sports. This is a professional academy that will provide training for beginners, intermediate և professional levels, while providing full guidance. for young badminton fans. “

Equal support for both badminton and academics

In Ragr, the child will receive equal support from both academics and sports. The director of the sports school, Dr. Sankar UV, said. “Today, sport is not only a hobby, but now it is considered as a career option. “Through a sports-related academic program, we believe that students find a balance between ‘learning’ and ‘learning sports.’

Dr. Sanker believes the program will help students develop fully.

“This scholarship program will enable us to discover sports talents from all over the country who, with the help of champion mentors, can prepare to become future heroes, to present India as it’s to have an academic career. back to them. “

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The Five program will provide 100% scholarships to five students per year, while the five are eligible for 25% to 75% scholarship. Scholarships will cover only academic որտ sports fees.

Students will be selected through a ranking system, past achievements և selection tests.

The selection committee consists of Pullela Gopichand, Dr. Sanker UV և Supria Dgun, Founder Բ Executive Director of Badminton Gurukul.

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