Shreyas Iyer jumps on the pitch նշ shows signs of getting fit soon [Watch]

Shreias Ayer continues to work hard on his fitness when recovering from shoulder surgery. A recent post on his social media account shows the Delhi Capitals (DC) star sprinting in the field.

Ayer suffered a shoulder injury while on the field Indian cricket team ODI game against England at Pune MCA Stadium. The 26-year-old underwent surgery, which forced him to leave during the first round of IPL 2021.

Voters allowed him to rest for a while, not including him in next month’s Sri Lanka series. Shreyas Iyer regularly posted photos and videos on Instagram to inform fans about her recovery.

A recent video by Shreyas Iyer in her Instagram story shows a cricket running fast as it accelerates recovery. In the next story, he posted his selfie, reminding fans that it was the 70th day of his recovery.

“How is your week?” Shreyas Iyer titled the short video.

The second phase of IPL 2021 will be crucial for Shreias Ayer

As mentioned earlier, the operation kept Shreias Ayer back from the first round of IPL 2021. In his absence, Capitals of Delhi He played under the leadership of Rishabh Pant and performed exceptionally well.

Sriyas Ayer has not played any cricket games since being injured
Sriyas Ayer has not played any cricket games since being injured

However, Ayer, who has won the Delhi Capitals for the last two seasons of the playoffs, is likely to take over from Pant when he returns. The Delhi franchise, which currently tops the IPL 2021 rankings, also ranks well this year in the top four.

Shreyas Iyer should be fully prepared to play in the second round of IPL 2021 in September-October. If the 26-year-old plays well, he can strengthen his place in the Indian national team in the ICC T20 World Cup.

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