Myanmar security forces are accused of burning a village in Magway Military news

A fire broke out in Qin Ma, a village of about 800 people, on Tuesday, leaving about 200 houses left in piles of ashes and bricks.

At least two elderly people were burnt to death in a village in central Myanmar after a clash with opponents.

Reports of alleged military violence erupted as protests against the February 1 coup continued, with dozens of protesters marching on motorcycles in Kachin province as hundreds marched in the Sagang district of Hagan, as they did in Davy. : Thursday in Tanintharyi Province.

MRTV state television reported that the fire that broke out in the village of Kin Ma in the Magway region on Tuesday had been triggered by “terrorists” and that the media had “deliberately tried to discredit the military”.

Reuters could not independently determine the cause of the fire. Spokesman’s speaker does not answer calls for comment.

Only 30 houses remained from Kin Ma on Wednesday, and about 200 houses were reduced to piles of ashes and bricks, say several villagers who told the story over the phone in photos they saw on Reuters.

The fire was so large that it could be detected by NASA’s satellite fire control system at 9pm on Tuesday evening. 52 (from Greenwich 15:22).

Villagers, speaking on condition of anonymity, said security forces opened fire after clashes with opponents of the coup killed at least two people.

The 32-year-old volunteer who helped displaced people from the village said the two dead were elderly residents who could not escape their home during the fire. He said some people returned to the village on Wednesday and found the bodies.

Residents are hiding

Most of the villagers were hiding in nearby forests, villagers told Reuters.

MRTV reported that 40 “terrorists” set fire to a house in Qing Ma, setting fire to 100 of the village’s 225 houses.

Myanmar has been ravaged by violence and protests As Army Chief Min Aung Hlaing arrested elected leader Aung San Suu Kyi, he seized power for the military. The generals ruled the country of South East Asia with an iron fist during the post-independence years, before handing over some powers to the civilian government during the decade of initial political reform.

Photos and videos from the aftermath of the fire in Qin Ma show that there is a thin mist of smoke above the village, from white cables muttering on the blackened ground.

Burnt wood planks, sheets, bricks, dishes were scattered around, and only a few trees remained. Some images showed animal carcasses.

“Reports that the junta set fire to an entire village in Magway, killing elderly people, show once again that the military continues to commit horrific crimes and show no respect for the people of Myanmar,” the British Embassy in Myanmar said on Twitter. , quoting its ambassador Dan Chag.

Human rights groups accuse Myanmar forces of burning hundreds of villages in 2017 during an attack that displaced hundreds of thousands of predominantly Muslim Rohingya to neighboring Bangladesh.

Security forces denied the blaze, and in some cases blamed Rohingya for the fire.

Condemnation of the military government by the West has increased due to the use of force by the armed forces against its opponents.

But the United Nations և Association of South Asian Nations unable to adopt common position, which will put more pressure on coup leaders,

The Association for the Support of Political Prisoners, a human rights group, says security forces have killed about 865 civilians since the coup, although servicemen dispute the figure.

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