Israel Adesanyan reveals what Marvin Vettori said during their fight at UFC 263

The current UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesania found out what he said Marvin vectors during their UFC 263 fight.

Adesanya beat Vettori for most of their UFC 263 title fights.

Marvin Vettori had the back of Israel Adesanya փակ tried to close with a naked choke. However, “The Last Style” quickly turned the situation around and found itself in a high position in Vettori’s guard.

Israel Adesania beat Marvin Vetori during the main period of their game. The fight ended with Adesanyan winning by a unanimous decision.

Speaking with comedians Andrew Schultz and Akaash Singh on Flagrant 2 podcast, Israel Adesania opened up a wide range of topics. Among these topics was Adesania’s aforementioned reverse և sequence, which saw him grab Vettori by the throat.

Israel Adesania stated.

“I remember that moment. And that’s all the work I’ve done with my breathing coach, my performance trainer; “Because Cai (Cara-France) was in a similar situation (UFC) in our last fight at APEX. And he said that all the work done on the water calmed him down. So even when I was in that position, I was not threatened. I did not panic. even my heart did not beat. I was calm. And then, I kept it, և I immediately turned it over. And I put him that way, I got him that way. ”

Israel Adesanyan grabbed me by the throat և repeat. “You know what I’m talking about. You know, when you are in the bedroom, you are like that. There was a look in his eyes, you know what I mean; X և X * sh **, you know? I swear to God that I saw this look in his eyes. And he was just like that. I told him… »

“I said to him, ‘You’re not afraid, are you?’ You’re scared, aren’t you? ” I told him that. I could see the look in his eyes. And I tried to throw him at the elbow, I just missed him. And I just missed it. But, yes, I like the look in a man’s eyes when you get them (from the sore throat), և you look into his eyes, և he is afraid for his royal life. Play fast forward to whatever you want to do with it. ”

Israel Adesanyan stressed that he is working on his breathing technique with a breathing trainer. He said it helped him a lot in the fight against UFC 263.

Israel Adesania really believes that Marvin Vettori was scared when he grabbed her by the throat

Israel Adesania (left) ին Marvin Vettori (right)
Israel Adesania (left) ին Marvin Vettori (right)

Andrew Schultz’s flattering host Andrew Schultz asked Israel Adesania if he felt scared of Marvin Vettor when he grabbed her by the throat.

Adesanyan answered, saying.

“Yes, oh no, I saw it in his eyes, because it was his hope. He probably had a hot mind, saying: I finally have a back. I’m going to strangle her. He has nothing. ” And I just turned him around easily, I just overpowered him. So, yes, he was scared. I saw it in his eyes. ” (* H / T Sportskeeda for transfer)

Currently consensus: MMA: community is that the defense of Israel Adesanya’s next title will be revenge against the first UFC: middleweight champion Robert Whitaker,

At the same time, Marvin Vettori expressed interest in confronting Paulo Costa in his next fight.

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