DUP leader Edwin Poots has left a new legacy for New Ireland

The leader of Northern Ireland’s largest political party has agreed to step down just three weeks after taking office, marking a sharp turning point in how the government continues to divide power in the region.

After a four-hour meeting with DUP officers in Belfast, Edwin Pouts announced in an e-mail that he was stepping down as leader of the Democratic Union Party. He will remain in office until the appointment of his successor.

The creator, who came to power promising to be tougher on trade union issues, was expected to vote in favor of the scenarios after the party was ousted, effectively agreeing on scenarios with the nationalist Sinn Féin party to save the power-sharing government. collapse

“It was a difficult time for the party’s country,” Puts said in a statement announcing his resignation, adding that he “conveyed to the president my determination to do everything possible to ensure that both trade unionism and Northern Ireland can move forward.” to a stronger place. “

Earlier on Thursday, the Poots ignored the DUP vote, nominating Paul Ivan Ivan as Northern Ireland’s new prime minister, allowing Stormont to oust the government with Sinn Féin, who persuaded Westminster to speed up Irish-language legislation.

DUP members opposed both the principle of London intervention and the fact that Sinn Féin had been granted the privilege.

The Poots uprising is the latest sign of the upheaval in Northern Ireland, fueled by Britain’s Brexit deal with the EU.

On Thursday afternoon, DUP senior MP Sammy Wilson publicly criticized Putts for Givan’s nomination and refused to rule out a no-confidence motion against his leadership.

“The numbers are worse than they were against Arlen [Foster]”A person familiar with the situation said before the meeting with the party officials, referring to the overthrow of Puts’s predecessor in April, after he lost the support of DUP politicians.

Newly appointed Prime Minister Paul Ivan’s welcome speech © Brian Lawless / PA

Sinn Féin has stated that it will only stay in office if Stormont quickly approves Irish language-enhancing legislation.

The DUP refused, but the stalemate was broken Wednesday night when the British government announced it would pass legislation in Westminster.

The move prompted the Poots to nominate Ivan Ivan as the successor to Foster, the first minister in Northern Ireland. Sinn Féin reappoints Michelle O’Neill as First Deputy Secretary

But Wilson said members of the DUP և party in a vote in Stormont on Thursday said “very, very clearly” that they were opposed to the Poots running for Ivan ivan immediately.

“It’s hard to trust anyone who puts aside strongly held views from all the different parts of the party and goes ahead,” Wilson added, referring to Putz.

“I guarantee most of the trade union people. They will be terrified that the powers of the assembly will be. “should be set aside to stimulate Sinn Féin ‘s special interest.”

Sinn Fein Conor Murphy, Mary Lou MacDonald և Michelle O'Neill at Stormont Press Conference

From the left. Sinn Fein Conor Murphy, Mary Lou MacDonald և Michelle O’Neill at Stormont Press Conference © David Young / PA

Putz said he was promoting Ivan Ivan without the “Sinn Féin precondition”, with the aim of making Northern Ireland a “better place for everyone”.

Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou MacDonald said on Wednesday that she had asked Westminster to intervene as “it has become very clear” that the DUP would not prioritize Irish-language legislation.

Poots was head of the DUP for less than three weeks, taking over from Foster after Brexit played a key role in the ouster of the DUP leader and first minister.

Deird Hinan, a professor of social policy at the University of Ulster, said earlier that it was “difficult to overestimate the strategic political-strategic failure of the Poots puç”.

“That DUP [members at Stormont] “Deputies voted against the candidacy of the first minister, which reflects the anger and confusion within the party,” he added.

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