Dan Hardy is ready to change the status quo outside the UFC

Former UFC fighter և commentator Dan Hardin used the Star Wars reference to raise his next chapter outside of advertising.

Since getting rid of both his commentary contract and the devastating deal, “Illegal” seems more prepared than ever to retain his nickname.

For almost a decade, Hardy did not actually fight inside the octagon, but now he is no longer part of it! UFC: machine, he is ready to have an impact elsewhere.

Dan Hardy, a man of the people

There has been a lot of speculation about where Dan Hardy will be, but for now we imagine he will have a lot of fun making fun of us, as you can see from the following tweet.

“I was in #Deathstar long enough to steal construction projects, but I left early enough to join the uprising to help change the status quo. Finally, I’m right where I belong. #RebelScum for life “.

In this case, the “Death Star” will be the final combat championship.

Dan Hardy is not stupid, he knows how to get out of the market, which makes it even more intriguing. He wants to create a legacy that is completely independent of what he was able to do for the UFC, կան there are several contenders in the race to help him do so.

Bellator and: ONE championship seems to be leading the charge, as the latter is a particularly interesting choice, given how many high-profile names they have been able to obtain in recent years.

The UFC itself may have fun entertaining Dan Hardy somewhere along the way, but at 39, it’s likely to be a commentator as opposed to a combat role.

Hardy himself still has a high opinion of the time he spent there, but because of the end of their relationship, it would be thought that it would take some time before the differences were formally settled.

In any case, the puzzle, which is Dan Hardy, will continue to guess us և we love it.

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