The best free fire sensitivity settings for fast movements ճշ accurate head shots

S stability parameters are vital Free fire“These settings help players improve their accuracy և shoot faster. They also help to reduce the retreat of weapons.

Headaches do a lot of damage. Therefore, if one player lands on their opponents, it can lead to quick kills. Head strokes, combined with faster movement speeds, can significantly improve a player’s performance.

This article presents the best Free Fire Sensitivity settings to help players with fast movements and precise strokes.

Note: The sensitivity settings described in this article are optimized by the author. Moreover, they vary from device to device, so minor changes may be required.

Free fire sensitivity settings for better movement ալի headphone accuracy

Here are the sensitivity settings that players can use for better և fast motion և headphone accuracy.

The best sensitivity settings in Free Fire for faster movements and accurate shooting
The best sensitivity settings in Free Fire for faster movements and accurate shooting
  • Total: 100
  • Red dot – 85
  • 2X range: 75
  • 4X frame – 67
  • AWM range: 58
  • Free view: 55

To adjust their sensitivity settings in Free Fire, players must do the following:

Step 1: Users must go to the top right corner of the lobby screen and click on the “Settings” icon.

Step 2: A new menu screen will appear, և they must select the “ens stability” option on the left side of the screen.

Step 3: Players must now use the settings mentioned earlier.

Tips Free movement for faster movement և Accurate shooting

The key to mastering the movements, reflexes, ները Headaches are a practice. Players can use their new sensitivity settings to grind in stadiums for best results.

The ideal way to improve image accuracy is to practice using a forged target board. Players can be moved quickly by sliding the screen and then pointing at the target board. This will help them to improve, as the self-directing feature will close the target on the opponent’s head.

Players can gain faster movement speed by maintaining a high “Overall” sensitivity. This sensitivity is mainly responsible for the primary motion of the game camera. Therefore, it causes faster movement in the game.

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