Samoa Jo on returns to WWE NXT

NXT opening tonight wreaks havoc on WWE Samoa returned the black սեւ gold brand.

NXT CEO William Regal He started the show by talking about the history of the brand, he was obviously moved when he spoke. NXT Champion Interrupts Regal Before He Announces His Resignation Karrion Kross: և Scarlett.

Cross ran to Regal, said he knew it was going to happen, wanted Regal to let him know he was right, and quit his job. Before William Regal could answer, Samoa’s hit music և Samoan Submission Machine came out in the ring.

Samoa will be the performer of GM William Regal in WWE NXT

Samoa said that William Regal wanted to talk to him about something, “Regal said he would prefer to do it with him.” The former IC champion asked him to take over as NXT general manager.

Sur saman, the Samoan Submission Machine rejected the post և offered a counter offer as it would ensure that Regal could do its job, և eon would make sure that he received the respect he deserved.

Regal said they could do it, but would not allow Jo to compete և have physical contact with anyone on the NXT roster until provoked. The former US champion accepted these conditions, then went up to Cross, telling him to leave the ring.

Understandably, Samoa has not yet been selected to compete within the box, so WWE’s return to such a role makes perfect sense. It will be interesting to see if he returns to active competition somewhere.

What do you think of Samoa’s return to WWE NXT? Do you expect him to wrestle somewhere down? Let us know what you think by clicking on the comments section below.

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