Podcaster, which has become a technology investor, is raising $ 140 million

The rejection of a 24-year-old law school in south-west London, which started as a teenager on popular podcast technology investments, has raised $ 140 million for start-ups.

Harry Stebbings has invested in ROT Capital Partners from Rothschild-based Massachusetts Institute of Technology, as well as early sponsors of Spotify, Calm, Atlassian իր, for his 20VC fund.

Several Stebbings investors have appeared on his podcast, Twenty minute VC, which has released hundreds of episodes since he started working as an 18-year-old in 2015. The following year, he dropped out of school to pursue a full-time career in podcasting, before investing in 2017 at the age of 20.

“When you look at the next 10 years, we see this dichotomy as the media and businesses collide,” said Stebbings, as competitiveness for venture capitalists becomes the hottest start-up.

He cited Silicon Valley investor Andresen Horowitz as another example of how VCs are building their content platforms, allowing them to bypass traditional media, build a profile that can engage entrepreneurs.

After raising $ 8.3 million in startups in April 2020, Stebbings has invested in start-ups, including Clubhouse Audio և Hopin’s virtual event service, both of which have grossed over billions. Founder of Hoppen John Oni Buffarhat He is also an investor in 20VC.

A number of social media influencers are trying to use their online profiles to become investors, including YouTube rs Eck Paul և my’s MrBeast Donaldson և TikTok osh osh Richards.

But few have raised as much capital as Stebbings, who grew up in Fulham, south-west London.

His father is a stockbroker and his mother has multiple sclerosis; The podcast was originally launched to help pay for his medical expenses as well as networking in the tech industry.

“Podcasts are my store sign,” said Stebbings. “Creating content is easier said than done, but creating a brand is harder than ever. “At the end of the day, distribution is everything.”

20VC is the latest example of a capital wave of European technology. In the last week alone, Balderton has launched a $ 680 million growth fund, while Draper Esprit said it plans to raise another 1 111 million from investors.

Last year, venture capital financing for European technology companies reached 38.9 billion euros, according to the investment record of, but it has already exceeded 48.1 billion euros invested in 2021 so far.

Stebbings acknowledged that he was “a little worried” that the private tech market was “really hot”, but cited trillion-dollar estimates from Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Alphabet as evidence of a winning bet. Yield may be higher than ever!

Stebbings sponsors Shakil Khan, a former start-up investor founded by young British entrepreneurs James ames proud և: Nick D’Aloisio,

“I have believed in Harry since the first episode of his ‘Twenty Minute VC’, which was recorded six years before his mom’s kitchen,” said Khan, who co-founded Daniel’s € 1 billion Prima Materia CEO with Spotify CEO Daniel. ek.

20VC will operate two funds, with $ 33 million focused on early-stage investments and $ 107 million on deals with more advanced technology companies.

But Stebbing insists there is a “complete line” between the podcast’s “investments.”

“We can never cloud the water in terms of content quality. “Just because I invest in your company, does not mean we represent you on the podcast,” he said.

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