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The world may not notice at all, but I am writing this article, և in fact, 2020. Following the humiliating defeat of Donald Trump in the presidential election, the Republican Party has been actively working to undermine the democratic foundations of the United States, including, among other things, systematically restricting the right to vote.

The more Americans vote, the more reactionary white Republicans feel threatened by the prospect of full democracy; the more aggressive they become in their efforts to undermine the will of the people.

Just two weeks ago, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell coordinated with his Republican counterparts to block a bipartisan commission that will consider the January 6 attack on the US capital by a mob of Trump supporters to overturn the outcome of the presidential election.

If this coup attempt had taken place in any other country, we would have quickly categorized it as it really is. The violent attack of the dictator Tavut on the democratic will of the people. But in the United States, the mass machine of the Republican Party is working at the state and federal levels to cover up this atrocity and to preserve the delusion of democracy.

The violent end of Trump’s presidency was the last indication, if anyone, needed another sign that democracy in America is exclusively for white people who believe in white supremacy. If heavily armed and violent white people fail to find their way, they will burn the foundations of this country’s demand for democracy.

Voter pressure is huge

In the same vein, Republicans are now actively pushing for voter pressure bills to prevent a significant portion of the population from speaking out in their own future. This is nothing more than a repetition of Jim Crow’s laws, which were enacted in the late 19th and early 20th centuries to prevent African-Americans from earning a strictly deserved voting right.

As is evident from the recent legislation in Texas, the Republicans are also trying to make it much easier to overturn the results of the election of judges. Something Trump and his gang of corrupt lawyers, led by former New York Mayor Rudy ul Uliani, tried but failed to do after Biden won the 2020 presidential election.

In short, Republicans are convinced that only white Americans, or rather white-dominated Republicans, will vote. And if someone else manages to slip and vote in a significant number, they want to cancel the result.

This is the current state of the so-called “oldest democracy in the world”.

The attack of racist Republicans on American democratic norms is also not limited to the right to vote. It applies to immigration laws. Republicans across the country work overtime, making it especially difficult for Spanish immigrants to become American citizens as they seek an overwhelming majority vote for Democrats.

Of course, Republicans are not the only ones responsible for this painful state of American democracy. Countless influential politicians, black and white, Republican-Democrats, have long been buried in the deep pockets of predatory billionaire cooperation. Barack Obama, America’s first black president, was one of them. These billionaires and billionaire companies seem to respect the democratic will of Americans as long as they choose candidates who are loyal and obedient to their forces.

Democratic leaders, such as Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, have emerged as champions of democracy seeking to expand and protect the voting rights of all Americans. But their complaints are meaningless. Corruption in the Democratic Party is part of the problem here. Yes, they are protesting against the bandit attack on the Capitol by white supremacists, but they are deadly silent about the fact that long before that fateful day, long after the US Capitol was attacked, clean-shaven “businessmen” lobbyists continued to preach. No one sees, no one reports, no one objects to the regular attack on Capitol Hill, which is an integral part of American politics on a daily basis.

Thus, the systematic collapse of American democracy began long before the white Republican Republicans would begin their last, at least, most confident signature on American suffrage.

However, the current situation in the United States is extremely alarming, not only for Americans, but for all peoples of the world.

The illusion of democracy

The catastrophic consequences of US developments in general should not be exaggerated or underestimated.

Many countries around the world have long viewed America as a leading model of democratic governance to which they can seek leadership. Thus, the systemic collapse of American democracy creates prospects for a post-democratic world. A world in which countries do not have a functioning democratic model to look at. What will happen to the struggle for democratic governance around the world when it faces “the world’s oldest democracy”?

Of course, the United States has never really been an ideal democratic model. Based on the genocidal slaughter of indigenous peoples, a country dominated by the African white supremacist ideology endured by murderous African slavery after the civil war, before the civil rights movement, can be a model of democratic governance for some.

Nevertheless, the fragile democratic aspiration has always struggled for survival at the heart of this republic. Formerly enslaved African Americans fought for their right to vote against all odds, with many sacrifices and incessant attacks on their own humanity. After decades of relentless struggle, black Americans were given the right to vote in the 1870 amendment to the US Constitution.

Yes, Amendment 15 theoretically gave African-Americans the right to vote, but soon Crowey’s laws made it clear that those rights would remain invented rather than effectively exercised. Voter intimidation, murder, and humiliation systematically prevented blacks from going anywhere to the polls. Today, the descendants of those racist Southerners are doing everything they can to keep African Americans and other perpetually disenfranchised communities from talking about their future.

The world at a loss

The scene in the US is not very promising. The Republicans’ efforts to limit or whitewash the January 6 coup attempt are all the more destructive of conspiracy theories, which continue to claim that the recent presidential election was rigged, that Trump is still the real president, and that the current administration is illegitimate. Those who support this conspiracy theory are not fools. They know what they are doing. They persistently question the legacy and effectiveness of this country’s democratic institutions, so their alternative facts become as legitimate as the democratic will of people who think differently than they do.

It is no coincidence that former military officer Michael Flynn, who now fully serves Donald Trump’s fascist aspirations, is now setting a record in the United States for plotting a coup like Myanmar. You can no longer blur where this country is!

US democracy is collapsing. But do peoples around the world have another example to look for in their efforts to achieve democratic governance? Should they resort to hypocritical European democracies, which always seem to be on the verge of transforming fascist dictatorships? Should they turn to Russia, which is ruled by Putin’s mafia? Should they pursue China’s mechanized totalitarianism, Brazil’s systemic plunder, the horrors of Indian supremacy in India, the false pantomime of democracy in Syria, Iran or Turkey? Should they look at the autocratic regimes in much of the Islamic world or at the Israeli settlement built on the broken backs of the Palestinians?

Where exactly is the model of the future of democratic governance in the world?

There is no partial democracy today that can offer the world a model or a project. The foundations of liberal democracy in European Enlightenment modernity were taken by predatory capitalism, which blindly plunders the world while preaching “Liberté, égalité, fraternité” in the same world.

The only exemplary models of democratic aspiration in the world today are mass social uprisings, such as the lives of the CIS, and national liberation movements, such as those in occupied Palestine.

But none of these movements can achieve their goals alone. They need each other. The symbiotic relationship that has recently emerged in the United States through the Black Lives Matter’s “Palestine Liberation Struggle” allows both movements to adjust to each other and grow together.

Without active solidarity with the meaning of the life of the CIS, the national liberation of Palestine can easily be dissolved in the poor minds of Arab politics. Without the active solidarity of the Palestinians, the Black Lives Matter could easily have evolved into a more parochial identity politics, subject to the opportunistic careers of the likes of Barack և Michelle Obama.

The only prospect of full democracy for the poor, the occupied, the plundered, the wicked all over the world is cross-border solidarity, beyond the barriers of specific national cultures, to the transnational public sphere where each people is saved by the experience of the other. Barack Obama: Donald Trump are two sides of the same coin, as Mahmoud Abbas և Benjamin Netanyahu’s part of the same period of deception: deception.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Al Jazeera.

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