OnlyFans is investigating the sale of shares after blocking adult content

OnlyFans, an online platform where sex workers, influencers and celebrities sell subscription content, examines the sale of shares to new investors.

Documents released by the House of Commons this week show that Fenix ​​International, the UK-based parent company of OnlyFans, has increased its stake from 100 to 1 million.

A person close to the company said management was discussing “expanding ownership”, adding that the revised capital structure “allows for that”.

The popularity of the British band exploded during the blockade, before the Covid-19 hit more than 20 million users, bringing it to more than 120 million as boring consumers flocked online for fun and misplaced entertainers tried to make cash.

From fitness instructors և musicians to creators of erotic stars, the platform allows you to upload և sell videos, messages և articles directly to fans who pay $ 5 to $ 50 a month, և OnlyFans offers 20% off deals.

In April, when OnlyFans reported a sevenfold increase in deals to 1, 1.7 billion, CEO Tim Stockley declined to comment on whether the company could list the company for a public offering or a special purpose sale.

“People often applied to OnlyFans “Including Spacs,” a person familiar with the matter said on Wednesday, adding that shareholders, including majority owner Leonid Radwinski, the entrepreneur behind the MyFreeCams porn site, were not interested in selling the entire business.

But the current owners were planning to sell part of their stock, the person said. “In addition to receiving dividends, the existing property would like to realize part of its profits,” he added.

OnlyFans is a family-run business founded in 2016 by Stockley’s father, Guy, a former Barclays investment banker. He also runs the business, Tim’s brother Thomas, as its CEO.

Celebrities, including American rapper Cardi B and English rugby player Chris Robshon, recently joined the program in an attempt to raise money for their huge social media posts. Fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff launched the OnlyFans account this year to show behind-the-scenes footage from New York Fashion Week.

The company, which expects more than 300 300 million in profit for the fiscal year in November, paid 20 20 million last year, mainly to Radwinski, who acquired the company in 2018.

The company said that its main audience is in the United States, that growth is particularly strong in Latin America and continental Europe. In November, revenues increased more than sevenfold to 283.5 million pounds, while the initial tax profit, according to corporate applications, increased from 6 million pounds to 53 million pounds.

The revenue growth rate suggests that OnlyFans could be valued at billions of pounds if it is released, making it one of the UK’s leading technology companies.

OnlyFans declined to comment.

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