Major changes in the constellations of Yomia, a natural explosion erupted

The next update to Genshin Impact is likely to arrive in late July, but beta testers are already revealing upcoming content.

Genshin Impact is currently in version 1.6, but the next update should be significant, which will probably be called version 2.0. Recently, beta testers discovered the latest patch of game files before another update.

Therefore, this article covers the beta update, as well as some leaks about Pyro’s upcoming bow user Yoimiya.

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The 9 GB update reaches the Genshin Impact 2.0 beta

A new patch has been added to the Genshin Impact 2.0 beta with a 9.3 GB update.

Nine gigabytes is not a small amount for an upgrade. However, this number does not only reflect new content or improvements. As the popular leak Dimbreath explains, many Genshin Impact files have been renamed, which has led to such a major update.

The size of Genshin Impact 2.0 beta, of course, increased, but only about 1.5 GB. Except for the file name changes, the exact details of the patch are still unknown. If new content is added to 2.0 beta, new leaks may soon appear on the next version of Genshin Impact.

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Genshin Impact leak detected by Yoimiya Elemental Burst

The leaked videos show Yoimia, the upcoming Genshin Impact playable hero, performing his basic abilities.

Yoimiya’s Elemental Burst, called Ryukin Saxifrage, provokes an animation where he throws fireworks into the air. With this ability he compensates the damage of AoE Pyro և “Aurous Blaze” marks the enemy for up to 10 seconds.

When the enemy is marked with an Aurous Blaze, everyone except Yoimia will start exploding as soon as they hit them. Characters can create this effect every two seconds, using any attack or elemental ability to hit the opponent.

Aurous Blaze also has an infectious effect. When defeating this enemy, the status can be given to another nearest enemy during the remaining period of power.

Since Yoimia himself can not trigger these explosions, many players will use this part of their outfit for sub-DPS. Yoimiya may not be the main damage dealer, but it can do tough damage even when playing the basic DPS version.

Yoimiya gets supporters of the constellation under the influence of Genshin

According to the leaks, the constellations of Yomia sank before its final debut.

Genshin Impact’s trusted database Hon Honey Impact և back արտ reports leaked data about game characters և etc. At Honey Impact, two Yoimiya constellations have been edited to improve his Elemental skill.

Yoimia’s basic skill

After using his Elemental skill, the usual Yoimiya attacks will damage Pyro for 10 seconds instead. These “flaming arrows” will do a lot of damage.

This capability has only one minor limitation. Yoimiya’s blamed attacks usually create “Kindling Arrows” if they charge long enough. These arrows automatically target nearby enemies and damage Pyro.

Flaming arrows are not an option for Yoimiya Elemental Skills. However, gamers should generally use this ability for rapid Pyro infusion և elementary reactions. Therefore, the use of accusations during his elementary skill is not recommended at the same time.

Yoimiya’s new C4 և C6 effects

In the past, leaks have predicted that the fourth constellation of Yoimia would lower its elemental skill freeze by one second. Now that time has reached 1.2 seconds.

Moreover, the sixth constellation of Yoimia should allow 50% of his normal attacks to fire an additional Firing Arrow while his Elemental Skill is active. Leaks were initially expected to have a 40% chance of causing this effect, but it seems that Yoimiya players will do more damage to Pyro than expected.

Honey Impact assumes that additional damage to the arrows has increased. They predict that C6 Yoimiya’s additional Blazing Arrows will do 60% of the initial attack damage, while they initially expected only 50%.

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