Jonty Gaming Free Fire ID, Statistics, Monthly Earnings, Annual Income Discovered և YouTube Channel Details

Ajay Saini, also known as ont on, is a professional Free fire for Team Elite. He runs a YouTube channel called Jonty Gaming, where he creates content related to the popular Battle Royale game. Its channel currently has 2.91 million subscribers.

This article looks at Jonty Gaming’s free fire ID, statistics, earnings ID other information.

Jonty Gaming Free Fire ID և statistics

Jonty Gaming Free Fire ID is 180830489. His statistics as of today (June 16) are as follows:

Life statistics

Ont onti Gaming
Jonty Gaming Life Stats in Free Fire

Ont Onti Gaming played 16545 team games և secured 6361 victories, translating into 38.44% winners. At a ratio of 5.37 K / D, he has 54,730 francs in these matches.

When it comes to duet mode, the content creator played 2075 duet matches, winning 502 of them, making his winning rate 24.19%. In this mode, he collected 6710 murders with a K / D ratio of 4.27.

Jonty Gaming has also played 4787 singles, has 699 Booyahs under its name, maintaining a winning interest rate of 14.60%. In these games he has 14350 kills with a ratio of 3.51 K / D.

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Ont onti Gaming
Jonty Gaming Rankings in Free Fire

In the current ranking season, ont ont Gaming has played 390 team matches, winning 85 of them, making its winning rate 21.79%. In this mode, he collected 1494 murders with a K / D ratio of 4.90.

YouTuber has won 6 of its 54 duet games, maintaining a 11.11% profit margin. He has 197 points in these matches, the K / D ratio is 4.10.

Jonty Gaming has also played 68 top-ranked teams, winning twice, translating a 2.94% winner. With 222 homicides to his name, he has a K / D ratio of 3.36 in this mode.

Note: The statistics for this article were recorded at the time of writing. They are subject to change as the content creator continues to play more games in Garena Free Fire.

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Jonty Gaming’s earnings

Ont onti Gaming
Jonty Gaming Earnings (Image via Social Blade)

According to Social Blade, Jonty Gaming’s monthly earnings range from $ 2.1K to $ 33.5K. At the same time, his annual income is estimated at $ 25.1K և $ 401.5K $.

Jonty Gaming YouTube Channel

The first video of Jonty Gaming was posted in November 2018. His YouTube channel has grown exponentially. In the last 30 days alone, it has gained 50,000 subscribers և 8.365 million views.

Jonty Gaming currently has 362 videos on its channel with over 175 million views.

Readers can click here: visit his channel.

Jonty Gaming social media handles

Click to visit Jonty Gaming’s Instagram account here:

Click to visit Jonty Gaming Facebook account here:,

Click to connect to Jonty Gaming’s Discord server here:,

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