How to use Faust in Guilty Gear Strive

In “Guilty Gear Strive,” Faust underwent drastic changes in both his appearance and his game. His creepy new look is what attracts a lot of people in the game, he’s definitely one of them unique heroes gameplay wise too.

Faust is a character who depends a lot on luck, he is more effective than the middle screen. He is able to avoid punishing the scents more than the other heroes of Guilty Gear Strive because of his strange crawling hit box.

This guide will explain how to use Faust in Guilty Gear Strive նել to get into its basic movement, outfit և game plan. This guide will not explain the combined routes և basics, so be sure to check other guidelines about learning basics of Guilty Gear Strive.

Guilty Gear Strive. Guide to using Faust

Crawl և fly back

The only way Faust moves in “Guilty Gear Strive” is that he can crawl on the ground, allowing him to avoid a series of steps that are difficult to punish at all. To crawl with Faust, the player must behave when moving left or right.

Creepy Faust really only has three buttons that hit low. H, D & P. ​​2K և 2S are fantastic anti-aircraft և great ways to start combinations or connect wires.

On the ground, Faust should usually try to block with S և K, but his best shot is in the air. j.2K: It is a very challenging diving type that is best used when it is canceled by one of two special products: j.236P or 236S.

RNG projectile & Faust collection

Throwing the item

The main task that Faust must use to respond to the opponent ի to build a strategy throughout the Guilty Gear Strive game is his projectile. What could this be? [236P]”Using this unique, Faust throws one of the many things on the ground that can be beneficial.

These items include:

  • Horn:
  • Banana
  • Afro
  • Small pie
  • Meteors
  • Weight 100 tons
  • Little Faust
  • Hammer
  • Bomb

There is a lot to discover here. How each item works will not be explained here, but be sure to watch the game և read the Dustloop wiki to see more about them.

For now, though, realize that the thrown item is a tool to use well to respond, to use his or her outfit on the Guilty Gear Strive.

The rest of his outfit

Other features of Guilty Gear Strive include:

  • Mix Mix Mix: [236S]
  • Snip Snip Snip: [236H]
  • Love: [j.236P]
  • Scarecrow [214P/K/S]

Snip Snip Snip captures the command that gives the opponent afro.

Love is another projectile that allows Faust to drop a bomb on the ground. No RNG involved. It is a normal pressure tool that should be used to make certain poker safe.

Mix Mix Mix is ​​Faust’s main compositional instrument, as it can be quite easily confirmed by his poker, whether in the air or on the ground. Faust can be controlled to move left or right, causing a tornado at the same time as he makes this move.

The scarecrow is a tool that should mainly be used to place Faust է It is a risky 50/50 that a player can play against an opponent. This allows Faust to summon two scarecrows, one of which he will decorate. Depending on which button is pressed, the player can choose which scarecrow will inhabit Faust.

The exception is for cut variations, but for which Faust will not dress as a scarecrow, but will attack the enemy from the sky. It is this version that gives this feature 50/50 quality, as P&K fluctuations, regardless of its position, will always call it in front of the opponent.

List of Faust commands (Image via Arc System Works)


Thrust is a remote snap implemented by 41236K input. It is an incredible punishment that can be aggravated even by jumping on the opponents for 6 H. Upon successfully launching Thrust, Faust has three options.

  • He can just let the opponent recover and return to neutral
  • He can push back the opponent to pull him to his side
  • When pulling back, he can hit them with HS (Home Run!)

Which of these routes a player must cross when activating Thrust depends on the circumstances of the game.

Game plan և Faust preferences

Faust players in Guilty Gear Strive must focus on putting pressure on their opponents from the middle opponent with a huge variety of their long-distance poker. They need to be able to use the items they are calling for effectively and, if necessary, fit in with the Scarecrow.

Failt has three superiors in Guilty Gear Strive.

  • Bone-breaking excitement [632146H]
  • WW: What could this be? [236236P]
  • WWWWWWWWWW – What could this be? [236236236P]

The latter two are definitely the most orthodox favorites of Guilty Gear Strive, as they mostly throw Faust a lot of things on the ground, tend to either overwhelm the opponent or leave them completely untouched. In fact, there is no set point or strategy around these predominants.

236236236P is the same as 236236P, only it takes a whole meter ամբողջ throws more stuff.

The bone-crushing excitement acts as a reversal և it և is և the funniest supercar of the Guilty Gear Strive.

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