How to unlock MG 82 in Black Ops Cold War գոտ War Zone

MG 82 is a new weapon Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season 4 և: War zone“As always, these weapons must be unlocked and cannot be used at once.

Given that the MG 82 is part of a new season CE wars Cold war և Warzone, players do not need to do too much hard to unlock weapons.

All players need to do is level up for Season 4 Battle Pass Black Ops Cold War և Warzone. Once you reach the 15th level, the weapon can be reloaded whenever the players want.

Black Ops Cold War և Warzone Season 4 Players need Battle Pass experience to reach 15th level of Battle Pass. To achieve this, players simply have to play games և earn points to go up the stairs.

After the end of the 4th season, a challenge is expected to disorient the MG 82 for anyone who has not reached the 15th level during the season. Typically, these include challenges such as “Kill 5 light machine guns in 15 complete games”. Such challenges are not very difficult, but they can be very time consuming. It is much easier to get MG 82 through Battle Pass.

Season 4 MG 82 և Other Weapons on the Cold War և War Zone

In addition to the MG 82 light cannon, players this season can look forward to more weapons in Black Ops Cold War և Warzone. There are two other weapons that will arrive on the day of launch և two more that will arrive at the end of the season.

The C58 assault rifle is another weapon that players can pick up on the start of the 4th season. This weapon is a rifle that has a very low retreat և slow fire rate but can be used from close range. The C58, like the MG 82, will be available in Battle Pass at 31 levels.

The third weapon that comes in the two days of the game is the nail gun, which is a hybrid of special “automatic pistols”. It is a weapon that can take players out with a few strokes և designed to inflict high-power damage from close range.

Players can expect to see the OTs 9 machine gun արար The Black Ops Cold War և War Zone Season 4 much later.

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