Former WWE star Samoaon spotted behind the scenes for NXT tonight

Previous: WWE: Superstar: Samoa, released in April 2021 as part of WWE WrestleMania postpaid budget cuts, presumably behind the scenes NXT:, This report has been confirmed by PWInsider,

For many, Jo oy’s release was shocking because he was known for his work on the WWE RAW Broadcasting Team. Many fans were excited to see what he would do next, whether he would return to IMPACT wrestling or sign with All Elite Wrestling. But it seems that he has decided to sign with WWE again.

Mike son onson from PWInsider reported the following.

“Samoa is behind the scenes of WWE NXT TV Taping tonight, has confirmed.

Speculation about Ulation’s return to WWE began when he was spotted there WWE Performance Center earlier this week, Then developments at the end of NXT TakeOver. People in your house have speculated that .he will do it to replace William Regal as new CEO of NXT,

At the end of NXT TakeOver. In your house, an obvious mess William Regal, who had been fighting superstars all night, said it was “time for a change.” This statement clearly hinted at the nature of the new general manager.

It was later reported that Triple H wanted to bring Samoa back to the WWE, and he was actively pursuing that. Another update said that he had in fact entered into a new deal with WWE և he was moving towards a black-gold brand.

Will Samoa Jo on return to WWE TV tonight on NXT?

Samoa in WWE
Samoa in WWE

WWE, through its social media, raises the issue of William Regal և, the company pays a lot of attention to what Regal’s “in its own right”. WWE clearly feels that this potential surprise is strong enough to guarantee this tough promotion.

Samoa would certainly get a huge response if he returned to WWE, so he is definitely a superstar who deserves such a big angle.

Would you be excited if Samoa returned to WWE tonight? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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