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Hollywood actress ess esica Alba’s organic beauty և baby care brand, Honest Company, started in 2021 due to the spread of disinfectants and disinfectants during the epidemic.

The company’s household-health product revenue grew 53 percent year-on-year in the three months to the end of March, attributed to sales of its disinfectant products, according to its first revenue report. going public in early May. The group began disinfecting in the second half of 2020.

“While we have yet to see significant growth in household: health, we are beginning to see household և retail sterilization և disinfection products as more consumers are vaccinated and return to pre-school mode,” said Chief Financial Officer Kelly Kennedy. Wednesday revenue call.

Nick Vlachos, CEO of Essica Albana Honest, Celebrates Their IPO in New York’s Times Square in May © REUTERS

Overall, revenue for the first quarter was a record $ 81 million, up 12 percent from a year earlier. Sales of Khandzaarur տոկոս napkins fell by 2%, while revenue from its skin և personal care department increased by 42%.

Digital channel revenue increased by 2% to $ 42.5 million. Retail channel revenue was $ 38.6 million, compared to $ 30.9 million in the previous quarter.

“Overall, we have seen an increase in consumer desire to return to stores as consumer behavior responds to the Covid-19 epidemic change,” said CEO Nick Vlahos.

In 2011, Alba founded Honest Company և sales grew rapidly. But in 2015 և 2016 it was the company suffered in court claims that some of its products contain synthetic, toxic components, and has paid consumers almost $ 10 million in courtrooms.

The company raised $ 413 million in its IPO, valued at more than $ 1.4 billion.

“Looking to the future, we will continue to use consumer insights to focus on self-care, clean beauty, current and future skin care trends, such as napkins, napkins, household items, and basic health products,” Alba said in a statement.

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