5 features GTA 6 should take from GTA 1

Going back to the GTA series would be a fascinating thing, especially if GTA 6 borrowed some great features from GTA 1.

With GTA 6 nowhere to be seen, many fans have speculated about what might happen in the game. Leaks are quite minimal at the moment, so most fans are just expecting nothing to do when it comes to GTA 6.

Although it can take years GTA 6 will even be announced, it did not prevent the fans to guess what qualities should be in the game, և what not. Fans usually like to review more popular և modern titles, but this article will focus on GTA 1, the game that started it all.

The five features of GTA 6 must be borrowed from GTA 1

# 5 – Multiplayer:

Fans want GTA 6 to have its own Multiplayer mode (Unofficial image via
Fans want GTA 6 to have its own Multiplayer mode (Unofficial image via

To the surprise of most modern GTA fans, the original GTA game had a multiplayer game. Players either used a zero modem cable or a regular LAN connection to play with each other in GTA 1.

Many gamers would appreciate it if GTA 6 had an online mode that is not as gloomy as GTA Online. Even if it were as gloomy as GTA Online, it would be awful to have a few online features, given that GTA’s oldest title had its limited edition.

# 4 – igniter

Igniter as seen in GTA 1 (Image via GTA Wiki)
Igniter as seen in GTA 1 (Image via GTA Wiki)

Flamethrower is a classic weapon in most GTA games, but has been missing since GTA 4 cut it in mid-development. It has not yet appeared in GTA 5 or GTA Online, which means that the once classic weapon is now just a relic of the past.

Given how unrealistic some modern GTA Online weapons are, it would not be too inconspicuous if GTA 6 included an all-inclusive igniter.

# 3 – Visit London again

GTA 1:
Two GTA 1 expansion packs revolved around London (Image via 2H2K)

London expansion packages were an interesting idea GTA 1:especially since he has not visited London since. Given how culturally important London is, there are many ways that GTA 6 can make the city review interesting.

Otherwise, it would be great to have additional expansion packs or DLC.

# 2 – Different versions of the main character

Personalization has been a major feature of most modern GTA games, but players are often left with no choice about which character they want to play. GTA 5 alleviated this a bit by having three the main characters, but it is different from GTA 1.

In GTA 1, a player could choose one of the many possible main characters to play as: It doesn’t change much considering how primitive GTA 1 is as a game, but it would be a fun idea to review it in much more technologically advanced GTA 6.

# 1 – Liberty City, San Andreas և Vice City in one game

Pipe dream for many GTA 6 fans (Image via ZacCoxTV)
Pipe dream for many GTA 6 fans (Image via ZacCoxTV)

The idea of ​​having Liberty City, San Andreas և Vice City Places to visit: One game seems like a real dream to most GTA fans. Unfortunately, this only happened in GTA 1, which was much earlier when fans loved these places.

In addition, the 2D universe depicted these places, which were very different from them 3D և HD: co-workers: It is extremely difficult for GTA 6 to ever have all three major venues in one game, but it is a dream that many GTA fans would have years ago.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the views only of the author.

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