World Test Championship (WTC) final. Virat Colin – Kane Williamson Test Seniority Records և Statistics

Virat Colin և: Kane Williamson all are destined to take their respective sides World Test Championship (WTC) final. The highly anticipated New Zealand competition in India will be held in Southampton on June 18-22.

All doubts about Kane Williamson’s participation were cleared when he was appointed captain of the 15-member New Aland ելland squad for the WTC final. The Kiwi captain missed it Edgbaston Test: against England: due to a corner injury.

As New Zealand prepared for the WTC final with two Tests against England, India took part in a simulation of a three-day intra-group match in Southampton. Arrived straight to India Ageas Bowl: After landing in England. The Kiwis, on the other hand, recently arrived in Southampton after completing the Edgbaston Test.

How did Virat Colin and Kane Williamson lead them?

Virat Colin և Kane Williamson, in addition to being the captain of their respective sides, are also the best fighters in their teams. Ahead of one of their biggest tests, we look at the key numbers that refer to their leadership և combat groups.

Overall record of test seniority

Virat Koli has so far led India in 60 test matches, of which India has 36 wins և 14 defeats and 10 draws. He will be the most successful captain of the Indian test, will pass to MS Dhoni to become the player who has led India in most of the test matches since the WTC final.

Kane Williamson, meanwhile, led New Zealand in 36 tests, with 21 wins and only eight defeats, with seven draws. He is the second New Zealand senior to lead the country in most matches. Stephen Fleming topped the table, leading the Kiwis in 80 tests.

Ting’s record as a senior

In the 60 tests led by Virat Colin of India, he scored 5,392 runs, including 20 hundred, with an average of 58.60. The numbers show the best 254 * career vs. registered South Africa In Pune, in October 2019. While he was 10 tons of his test, he came home as a captain, he recorded four in Australia, two in England and South Africa.

Kane Williamson has an average of 6092.62 runs in the 36 tests of Kiwi captain in his name. He scored 11 of his 24 hundred points while leading New Aland Island. Kane Williamson’s guardian with a bat also became the senior with 251 against West India in Hamilton in December 2020. Nine of his 11-ton captain came home, one in Zimbabwe and one in the UAE against Pakistan.

Winning record as a senior

Given their winning record as captain in a winning game, Virat Cole broke 3,328 runs in 36 tests, averaging 61.62. Eleven of its 20 hundred managers came for profit.

As for Kane Williamson, she did 2210 runs in 21 tests, which the Kiwis won with her at the wheel. Eight of the leader’s 11 tons came in the winning games of New Aland անդland.

Captaincy record at WTC

Virat Kohl led India in 14 WTC matches, of which India won 10 and lost 4. Two of the four defeats came in New Zealand, once in India and Australia.

Kane Williamson became the captain of “Kiwi” in nine games on the WW. Of these, New landland անդland won six and lost three. Two of the three casualties were reported in Australia and one in Sri Lanka.

WTC senior record

In 14 races at the WTC, Virat Colin scored 877 runs with an average of 43.85 points, two hundred in his name. Twice at the WTC his centuries came in India – 254 * vs. South Africa’s Pune և 136 vs. Calcutta Bangladesh, his last international century.

Kane Williamson ran 817 runs in nine WTC games, including three hundred, averaging 58.35. All three tonnes were recorded in New Zealand, 251 vs. West Indies, Hamilton, 129 vs. Pakistan, on Mount Maunganu, and 238 vs. Pakistan, Christchurch.

Virat Kohli’s senior record against New Zealand

Virat Koli led India in five games against Kivis. India won three of them and lost two. Wins were recorded in India, while losses were recorded in New Zealand. The Indian captain scored 347 runs in these five Tests, averaging 34.70 with 211 in 2016 in Indore.

Kane Williamson’s senior record against India

Kane Williamson led New Zealand in four games against India. The kiwis won two of them and lost two. The victories were registered at home, and the defeats in India. Kane Williamson scored 232 runs in these four Tests, averaging 33.14 with 89 best.

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