What time does the final fighter season 29 episode 3 appear?

The Ultimate Fighter Season 29: He fought in each of his weight classes to eliminate before his third episode.

Playing both matches in favor of Ortega’s team, Volkanovsky will try to fall behind 0-2 in the next third part.

The Ultimate Fighter Season 29 Episode 3 begins in the US

The third season of The Ultimate Fighter Season 29 begins in the United States on Tuesday, June 15, at 9:00 p.m.

Viewers need it ESPN +: subscription to watch The Ultimate Fighter in the US.

The Ultimate Fighter Season 29 Episode 3 begins in the UK

As usual, UFC fans in the UK will have to wake up a little later to watch the latest episode of The Ultimate Fighter.

The third episode of TUF 29 in the UK will be broadcast on BT Sport on Wednesday, June 16 at 9 pm. On the 30th.

The Ultimate Fighter Season 29 Episode 3 kicks off in India

In India, The 29th season of The Utimate Fighter airs on ESPN + in the early hours of the morning.

The third episode of TUF 29 will start on Wednesday, June 16 at 6 am. On the 30th.

TUF 29 episode 3:

Ortega has had all the success of TUF 29 so far, starting with the victory of Andre Petroski’s dominant performance in the first round in the middleweight division against Aaron Phillips.

In the next episode of The Ultimate Fighter, Ortega’s Lyudvik Sholinyan came on the field with Mitch Raposo, whom Volkanovsky selected as the team’s number one overall pick.

Sholinyan relied on his wrestling team to win the unanimous decision, which sent him to the first selection in a total of 135 pounds.

In the upcoming episode, Ryder Newman from Volkanovsky will compete with Trezian Gore from Ortega in a middleweight match.

After suffering a devastating defeat by NO in his professional debut in 2019, Newman built a winning streak of three fights.

At the same time, Gore returned after a two-year hiatus, returning to Christian Echols in October 2020.

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