“They know their limits.” Rashid Khan explains why Colin, Williamson և Babar are world class

Afghanistan և Lahore Kalandars all-around Rashid Khan expressed his opinion on why bats love Virat Colin, Kane Williamson աբար Babar Azam is a lesson, among others. The 22-year-old feels that the trio is holding back their natural game, which is crucial in modern cricket.

Rashid Khan has faced all three stars և is confident that Colin, Williamson և Babar play their shots with greater authority և control. He thinks that these players are unlikely to shoot extravagantly, to hit more with orthodox bank cricket.

In an interview with Cricket Pakistan, Rashid Khan explained why it is difficult to single out a better striker from Kohli, Williamson and Babar.

“It’s quite difficult (compared to the three bombers), but the Virat is definitely a world-class player. Even Kane Williamson and Babar Azam are there. They know their limits and their shots. “Start and finish their innovations is very simple,” said Rashid Khan.

My focus is always on my own ability to support Rashid Khan

Rashid Khan will soon face Babar Azam when Lahore Kalandars welcomes the Karachi Kings in the decisive match of PSL 2021. Babar has become one of the best bombers in the world, Rashid Khan will be good for Lahore if they have to win in Karachi.

However, the 22-year-old does not focus much on the opposition bat, as he believes that he supports his own strength as a ball. Rashid Khan thinks that if he draws a good line և length, he will have a better chance of dominating Babar or some other bat.

“Undoubtedly, Babar is a world-class bat. But as a ball, I always focus on supporting my strengths. As an archer, you explore the strengths and weaknesses of the bat you face. But at the same time, yours is important – it’s a good bowling alley and length. If I do, whoever beats me, I will get good results. “I watch their videos for planning, but I believe in supporting my own ability,” Rashid Khan signed. ,

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