Peter Schmeichel claims that Danish players had to finish the Euro 2020 game against Finland

Peter Schmeichel finds out that UEFA pushes Denmark to end their games Euro 2020: Game After a heart attack against Finland by Christian Eriksen.

The former goalkeeper claims that UEFA has given two options to the players. Finish the match immediately or the next afternoon or lose the game.

Denmark’s opening match of the Euro 2020 against Finland was stopped more than an hour after Christian Eriksen collapsed at the end of the first half. The midfielder came out on the field, then was taken to hospital. The match resumed a few hours later, և UEFA wrote on its Twitter page that the players had agreed to leave the field.

However, former Danish goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel claims that this was not the case. According to Schmeichel, the players’ hands were tied because they were threatened with a fine if they did not resume the Euro-2020 match. He told GMB.

“Yesterday I actually saw an official quote from UEFA saying that they follow the player’s advice, the players insisted on playing. I know this is not the truth. Or how do you see the truth?

“They have three options left. One had to play right away և get the last 50 minutes. The next one was to enter at 12 last night, finish 50 minutes, and the third option was to lose the game, 3-0. «

“It simply came to our notice then. Do players want to play? Did they really have a choice? I do not think they had. As you can see from yesterday’s press conference, the coach, he seriously regrets the players returning to the field. “

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News about Christian Eriksen after the Euro 2020 emergency

It is reported that Christian Eriksen is stable after the ambulance, talking to people around him. The Milan “Inter” star sent a message to his teammates at the Italian club, as he spoke with his national team colleagues.

Eriksen is not expected to play another role in Denmark’s Euro-2020 campaign this summer, we are waiting for more details on his return.

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