Paulo Costa falls behind “traitor” Marvin Vetori’s pursuit of Italian “drunk boy”

Paulo Costa answered Marvin Vettori’s call after his defeat at UFC 263, The Brazilian middleweight contender responded to Vettori on his Twitter page in a brutal way, even taking pictures in The Italian Dream.

In one of his most recent tweets, Paulo Costa shared a picture of Vetori wearing his Venum outfit on the opposite side. The picture has gone viral UFC: 263 fees per view.

By posting the photo, Paulo Costa not only mocked Vettori, but the eraser wrote that he could fight the “Italian Dream” even if he presented his outfit with such a horse.

“I could have fought this Moron if he had shown that he was fighting like that,” said Paulo Costa.

After UFC 263, Vettori called Paulo Costa and announced that he wanted to start his ransom tour by defeating the Brazilian.

The former UFC middleweight title contender said in an interview that he wanted to destroy Costa, calling him a “drunk boy”.

Vettori added that if Costa was able to fight, he would definitely beat the Brazilian fighter. This was not the first time that Vettori had called Costa.

“By the way, I would really like to destroy this drunken boy who can not even refrain from drinking. After all, it is Borarchinyan. Whatever it is, I play as much as I can. I always show up. did not appear … He is not very direct. “I do not know what it is about, but if he can fight, I will definitely want to beat this guy,” said Vettori.

Paulo Costa himself is facing defeat in Israel Adesania

Paulo Costa did not set foot in the octagon after losing to Israel in Adesania at UFC 253.

Recently, it was planned that Costa would return to the game against Ared Canonier. However, the former said on his Twitter page that he was not paid enough because he withdrew his name from the fight against Kannier.

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