New York is “coming back to life” as most of Covidian restrictions have been lifted

New York State on Tuesday lifted almost all of its restrictions on the Covidians, a devastating epidemic 15 months after a devastating epidemic forced America’s largest city to its unprecedented blockade, destroyed its small business and killed more than 33,000 people.

Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York, announced that this is a significant event at the One World Trade Center. The skyscraper was rebuilt after the September 11 terrorist attacks, with the aim of gaining a sense of victory after a long war.

“Remember June 15, remember today. “Because that’s the day New York rose again,” Cuomo said.

New York made the decision on the same day that California, another center of Covidian devastation, also lifted most of the restrictions. Both countries did so after the proportion of adults who had at least one dose of the vaccine exceeded the 70 percent mark recommended by public health authorities as a preventative measure.

As a result, the masks and restrictions of social distance that have dominated daily life in the two most populous countries of the United States for more than a year will no longer be mandated in restaurants, cinemas, shops, sporting events, workplaces, or other places. Or, as Cuomo said. “We can now come back to life as we know it.”

Masks are still required for public transportation as it is governed by federal rules.

The steps coincided with other green shots of recovery. A survey released by the Business Roundtable found that the confidence of America’s top executives reached near record levels in the first “second quarter” of the year. Its members expect the US economy to grow by 5% this year, up from 3.7% previously forecast, and a jump in hiring and investment.

New York City has begun to creep into normalcy from the beginning the darkest days During an epidemic more than a year ago, when life was in a state of terrible stagnation, the mourning of the seafarers, the air that transported many covied patients to overcrowded hospitals, filled the air.

The reopening of New York և California is taking place though deceleration National Vaccination Campaign: In some states, vaccination rates lag far behind others. In Wyoming, Louisiana and Alabama, less than half of the adult population has a single dose, and the incidence rate is higher than the national average.

US deaths Covid-19 exceeded 600,000 on Tuesday, according to data compiled by Hopkins University.

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As new infections in New York dwindle, restaurants that have failed fail to fill up again. Lease agreements have risen over the past two months, although rents have fallen, and the city’s cultural life has begun to resume. Tickets go on sale for Broadway shows, one of New York City’s biggest tourist attractions, scheduled to reopen in September.

But the return of workers to the city office towers, particularly in central Manhattan, has been slow. According to Kastle Systems, an employee safety company, only 20.7 percent of employees did so. This has raised questions about the viability of commercial districts in the new era of remote work.

Several banks have ordered their employees to return to their desks in the coming weeks, with many executives believing that the office is the center of the city’s economy. significantly reflected until September.

Catherine Wilde, president of the Employers’ Partnership Group in New York City, said Tuesday’s announcement was “the green light that employers have been waiting for employees to return to work.”

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