Leicester City star Yuri Tillemans comments on Liverpool news

Leicester City midfielder Yuri Tillemans has avoided speculation about replacing Georginio Weinaldum at Liverpool following his threats.

Liverpool Weynaldum wants to acquire a midfielder after leaving the club after his contract expires. The Dutchman joined Paris Saint-Germain after negotiations with Barcelona failed as he had hoped.

Speaking to Euro LMs after Belgium’s 3-0 victory over Russia at Euro 2020, Tillemans said he was not worried about speculation about his future. The 24-year-old footballer claimed that his focus was on playing well in the Euro.

“It’s really not my business right now. Let the journalists speak. They certainly have a lot to do with it. But I’m not interested in that. All I have to do is make sure I am as good as possible. pitch. I do not think about it. I focus on the euro, then we will see. “

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Liverpool were urging him to sign Yuri Tielemans

Former Aston Villa striker Gabriel Agbonlahor believes Thielemans is the perfect player to replace Vienaldum at Liverpool. However, he does not expect Leicester to let the Belgian leave. He said Football Insider::

“She is OK. He is a great player, հաստատ Liverpool should definitely replace Vienaldum. I thought they needed another midfielder, even if Weinaldum stayed.

“Liverpool definitely need something to get through the series. I just do not see Leicester letting him go, even if the player wanted to leave. I do not see Leicester missing out on one of their better players.

After the break at Anderlecht, Thielemans was in big trouble, but his progress stopped after moving to Monaco. After a disappointing game against France, he joined Leicester City, where he was a revelation.

Manchester United have also been linked with the Belgian star, although negotiations are not yet advanced.

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