How to get free legendary emos in Free Fire today (June 15)

Emotions are a unique aspect of most games Free fire is no exception. Free Fire players can spend diamonds to buy them at the gaming store. Events are another method that can be used to buy emotions.

Developers regularly collaborate with various well-known companies to bring thematic content. Following the collaboration of Free Fire x McLaren, the legendary Win and Chill emos և McLaren P1 – Helios (car skin) were added as part of the charging event.

This article shares a guide on how users can get legendary emo for free.

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A step-by-step guide to getting free fabulous emo through a free Fire Charging event

The McLaren Top Up event will end today, on June 15
The McLaren Top Up event will end today, on June 15

Today is the last day of the McLaren Top Up event, which started on June 8. In this case, players get the opportunity to get the unique “McLaren P1 – Helios” car և “Win and Chill” emoticons.

But to do that, they have to buy 200 և 500 diamonds, respectively.

Here are the steps players can take to complete the diamonds in Free Fire:

Step 1: After opening Free Fire, players must click on the “Diamond” icon, as shown in the picture.

Players will have to click a button
Players will have to click on the “Diamond” icon

Step 2: There will be different options for recharging, select the required one ումը make the payment by the desired method.

Users must select the option to add the required
Users must select the option to add the required

Step 3: After successfully completing the purchase, the diamonds will be credited to the players’ Free Fire accounts.

When purchasing the required number of diamonds, players can move to the “Event” tab and tap the “McLaren Top Up” option. Next to the corresponding reward, they will find a “Request” button.

Note: In a sense, emo is free because players can get it by buying that number of diamonds. However, they would have to spend real money to buy diamonds.

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