Coronavirus latest. Business travel in the United States will not resume until 2024, says the industry group

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that it is the state of New York End all Covid-19 restrictions in the commercial and social environmentWhen New York was a hotbed of the virus, it reached 70 percent of all vaccinations across the state. New York has so far delivered more than 20.2 million doses of the vaccine, “more per capita than any other major state in the United States.”

It has the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reclassified the Covid-19 Delta strain as a concern, saying that it is more transferable. The Delta version, first discovered in India, has spread to at least 66 countries, according to the CDC. Earlier this year, the Delta version sank India, bringing the country’s business to record highs.

There have been deaths attributed to Covid-19 in the United States Four months after reaching half a month, it exceeded 600,000, reflecting the sharp slowdown in hospitalization for new virus infections. Data from Hopkins University show that 600,012 Americans have died from Covid-19 since the outbreak began.

California has repealed the Covid-19 business rules գործունեության wearing a mask, marking what is called the “great reopening” of the stateCalifornia Gavin Newsom was scheduled to reopen on April 15. On Tuesday, California lifted state social distance requirements – the capacity limits for restaurants, bars, grocery stores, gyms, and other businesses.

According to a new study, trust in America’s top leadership has been restored to almost record levels, laying the groundwork A wave of hiring and investing in the coming months, One of Washington’s leading lobbying groups, Business Roundtable, says it’s its own economic forecast index He scored nine points in the first “second quarter”, reaching 116 points.

One-fifth of coronavirus patients who reported no symptoms of infection said they were present. a month later suffering from the so-called long Covid, the study found out. The most common conditions included pain, shortness of breath, high cholesterol, fatigue and hypertension, said Fair Health, a U.S.-based non-commercial study of more than 1.9 million Covid-19 patients in February-December last year. including up to 18 years old.

Scotland’s first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, announced on Tuesday that a plan was in place Major mitigation of coronavirus restrictions will be discontinued until next month. In the past, the Scottish Government had hoped that the restrictions could be lowered to the lowest level, known as zero, on 28 June. However, it was expected to follow Monday’s announcement by the UK government that England was slowly weakening.

Businesses have warned that: British government risks ‘falling into last ban’ after it refused to extend major coronavirus support programs, which begin to end at the end of the month. Prime Minister Boris John Onson’s decision to postpone the final phase of the blockade for a month means that many businesses, including nightclubs, music festivals and theaters, will not be able to open until the end of July. Pubs and restaurants will have to continue to operate with disabilities.

According to GDP, the spread of coronavirus has decreased in India և Japan aponia FT infection, Although cases are growing in other parts of AsiaIn India, Delta-related infections have been declining for several weeks. On June 13, India registered 6.3 cases of coronavirus per 100,000 population, which was lower than 28.6 cases per 100,000 population in early May.

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