4 lessons learned from Polish Open Wrestling Series ahead of Tokyo Olympics

The Polish Open Wrestling Rankings was the last major international event before the Tokyo Olympics. The rankings were important because it helped the wrestlers improve their rankings; it proved to be a testing ground before the Tokyo Olympics. The competition also looked at everything that can be expected in this summer’s sports extravaganza.

1) Tokyo Olympic Games. Ravi Dahia’s foot defense

Tokyo Olympic qualifier Ravi Dahia, who will represent India in the men’s 57kg freestyle, had a difficult time at the Polish Open. Unstable foot protection բաց Lack of quality sparring partners revealed in Warsaw. Ravi Dahia had to settle for a silver medal.

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He said he lacked the instinct to respond to movement as his body struggled to maintain the strength of the setback. He has now asked the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) to set up a foreign camp in Russia.

2) Tokyo Olympic Games. Vinesh Phogat 2.0:

Poland’s open ranking series saw the new aggressive Vinesh Phogat. The Indian woman wrestler was in attack mode from the word “go go”, which was not seen in her previous matches.

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Vinesh Fogat usually spent time before the attacks began, but her husband Somvir’s message forced her to change her strategy. He said his body was moving smoothly and he expected it to be the same at the Tokyo Olympics.

3) Tokyo Olympics. 57 kg և 76 kg WW to become a belt

Two of the women’s wrestling weight classes, 57 kg և 76 kg, were both led by their respective Olympic champions. Surprisingly, both Helen Marulis (57 kg) and Erika Vibe (76 kg) could not finish at the top of the podium. Both weight classes will see a number of wrestlers claiming gold medals at the Tokyo Olympics.

In the 57 kg weight category there are world champions Odunayo Adecurayo և Irina Kurachkina, Olympic champion Risako Kawai և Asian champion Anshu, except for Marulis, who are fighting for the title.

Meanwhile, Erica Vibe (76 kg) will face tough competition with two-time Olympic medalist Natalia Vorobya, four-time world medalist Alin Rother-Focken and five-time world champion Adeline Gray.

4) Tokyo Olympics. 97 kg to become a three-way battlefield

Starting at the 2016 Rio Games, 97 kg is a war zone for two Olympic champions, Abdulrashid Sadullah (Russia) and Kyle Snyder (USA). The two giants fought in three World Cup finals, in which the Russian tank leads 2-1.

But the rise of Mohammad Hossein Askari (IRN) has now made it a three-pronged battlefield in the 97kg weight class. Since returning from the doping ban in 2019, Askari has been unstoppable. Since 2019, the Iranian wrestler has had a perfect run in all five competitions.

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