Tyrone Woodley’s UFC career earnings

Tyrone Woodley According to various sources, his career earnings were estimated at 4,874,425 US dollars. According to: Just worthy of celebritiesThe “chosen one” is estimated at $ 4 million.

While he was fighting for the UFC, Tyrone Woodley’s earnings fluctuated depending on who he fought with, if the title was in that category. Woodley celebrated his debut with Strikeforce in 2009, where he received $ 3,000 ($ 1,500 to show, $ 1,500 winning bonus) to face Salavador Woods.

As T-Wood’s reputation as a fighter grew steadily, so did his briefcase. The highest paid fight of Woodley’s early career was in 2012 against Ard Ard Maine. Based on a seven-fight win, Tyrone Woodley came out with a split decision victory of 60 $ 60,000 (show $ 30,000, $ 30,000 winning bonus).

Tyron Woodley’s earnings almost doubled after the UFC acquired Strikeforce, defending his title at Darren Till in UFC 228. After defeating Till in the second round, the “Favorite” left $ 590,000 ($ 50,000 to show, $ 50,000). Nightly Bonus Earnings ($ 40,000 Fight Weekly Incentive Fee).

Tyrone Woodley still has to earn his highest earnings

Although T-Wood is widely regarded as one of the greatest weightlifters of all time, the UFC released him on a four-fight rink. Tyrone Woodley is scheduled to meet with famous boxer Ake Ake Paul, which will lead to a mass bout for the former UFC champion.

Revealing that it would be higher than any of his UFC salaries, Tyrone Woodley recently said:

“The easiest fight of my career – the biggest bag of my career all overnight. Mostly they brought me to take out the garbage. I can’t wait to close this b * tch. This is done for culture, for culture. the whole MMA / boxing community to free this guy from martial arts. ”

Woodley Agent Malky Cavan He confirmed that the proceeds from his fight are guaranteed to reach a seven-digit mark. In a recent interview with MMA Fighting, Malky Cavan told Damon Martin:

“Yes, he gets a really good salary. This is one of the best deals I have ever made. It’s a huge deal. He gets a large base number, he gets paid views around the world. He has to leave with a multi-million salary. Its basic guarantee is already millions, but add all the other things, it’s a really nice salary. ”

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