Rishabh Pant responds in style to the preparation for the end of the stage collision

Team India wicket holder dough Rishab pants registered an invincible century to prepare for the ICC World Test Championship final vs. New Zealand:The Rose Cup will take place in Southampton on June 18 (Friday).

The young man landed in Great Britain for a series of performances. Pant continued his brilliant horse with a stubborn century (out of 121 * 94 goals) during the home game in Southampton.

After a successful warm-up game, Rishab Pant shared an Instagram post with some pictures from his three-day family game.

Rishabh Pant has a good record in England. The last time he roamed the country for a red ball in 2018, the young wanderer hit a brilliant century.

Rishabh Pant will be a key player for India in the WTC final. Kiran More:

According to former cricketer Kieran More, Pant will be a key player in the WTC final for the team of Virat Kohli.

“I feel that he (Rishabh Pant) will once again be a key player for us in the World Cup final and the English Serie A. “He is up to the game at the moment. I think he feels confident enough to change the course of the game from any position with the bat,” quoted Kieran More as saying.

Although Pant’s wicketting skills have been in the spotlight in the past, Kiran More believes the teenager will do a good job against SP hats.

“I believe that Rishab Pant is now well settled. This is his second tour of England, in fact his third tour, if you take into account the 2019 World Cup. He knows the conditions well, he has earned a century in a test match. With gloves too, I believe he will do a good job, ”added Mother.

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