Lordstown Motors CEO Steve Burns resigns

Lordstown Motors chief operating officer ֆինանսական Chief Financial Officer resigned less than a week after the company announced it was taking a risk of failing due to a lack of funding.

Outgoing CEO Steve Burns will be replaced by independent CEO Angela Strand, who will head the company until a permanent replacement is found.

Following the departure of Bec Ulio Rodriguez, Becky Ruff, who has served as interim chief financial officer of companies including Eastman Kodak and Aceto, is set to take over as chief financial officer.

“All changes take effect immediately,” said Lordstone, who gave no reason for either of them to leave. Shares of the Ohio-based company fell more than 13 percent in the primary market following the news.

Described by Lordstown as a “commercial-minded leader in the commercial electric vehicle industry,” Strand says the company continues to “stay true to our manufacturing and commercial goals by keeping us to the highest standards of operation, to create value for our shareholders.” : »

Company: made changes to its annual report last week To tell the Securities and Exchange Commission that within a year it may no longer act as an “ongoing issue.”

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