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Italy to play in Switzerland group stage at Stadio Olimpico on Wednesday UEFA Euro 2020,

Italy play in this match on Friday in the opening match of UEFA “Euro-2020” against Senol Gunes’s Turkey 3. After winning with a score of 0. Juventus center-back Meric Demiral’s own goal, Lazio striker Chiro Immobile and Napoli strikers. Lorenzo Insigne has signed Roberto Mancini for Italy.

Switzerland, on the other hand, drew with Rob Page Wales in the first leg of UEFA Euro 2020. Borussia Monchengladbach’s Bray Embolo’s goal’s card was canceled by Cardiff City Wales striker Kiefer Moore. ,

Italy – Switzerland

Italy has a clear advantage in 57 matches led by both sides. They have won 28 games and lost seven to և 22 draws.

The two countries last met in 2010, the game ended in a draw – 1-1. Midfielder Gokhan Inler’s goal against Switzerland cancels striker Fabio Cuagarella’s goal against Italy

Italy is compiling a guide in UEFA Euro-2020. V:

Switzerland is compiling a guide in UEFA Euro-2020. D:

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Italy – Switzerland national team news


Although Paris Saint-Germain midfielder Marco Verratti was absent from the match against Turkey, Italy had a strong performance. Verrat has doubts about this game. The spotting has undergone some staff changes. Both Inter Milan’s Stefano Sensei and Roma’s Lorenzo Pellegrini have been ruled out with injuries, being replaced by Matteo Pesina of Atalanta and Gaetano Castrovili of Fiorentina.

He was injured. Nobody

Suspicious. Marco Verratti

Suspended. Nobody


Meanwhile, Swiss coach Vladimir Petkovic has a strong team that he will have to work with. Borussia Monchengladbach quartet: Jan Sommer, Nico Elvedi, Dennis Zak karya և Breel Embolus: Arsenal midfielder Granit Hakan ական Liverpool striker Herdan Shakir is still a strong player in the first XI.

He was injured. Nobody

Suspicious. Nobody

Suspended. Nobody

Italy – Switzerland forecast XI:

Italy forecast XI (4-3-3). Ian Anluigi Donnarumma, Alessandro Florence, Leonardo Bonucci, Giorg Orgio Chiellini, Leonardo Spinazola, Niccol Բար Barela, org orgino, Manuel Locatelli, Domenico Berardi, Chiro Immobile, Lorraine

Switzerland forecast XI (3-4-1-2). Jan Sommer, Nico Elvedi, Fabian Shar, Manuel Akanji, Kevin Mbabu, Remo Frailer, Granit Ha Aka, Ricardo Rodriguez, Herdan Shakiri, Braille Embolo, Mario Gavranovic

Italy vs Switzerland Prediction:

Italy was the dominant force against Turkey, consuming comfortable winners. Org orginho, Manuel Locatelli և Niccolo Barella’s midfield trio was highly praised, Ռո Roberto Mancini is unlikely to make major changes on the side that stood with Turkey.

On the other hand, Switzerland will be disappointed in the game against Wales. Striker Bray Embolo was in good shape in that game, he was constantly thorny in the opposition defense, he will see a significant impact again.

Italy was impressive under Mancini, they have to be able to win here.

Prediction: Italy 2-1 Switzerland

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