Drew McIntyre praises the former WWE champion

During the last 18 months WWE:, Drew McIntyre has established himself as the main star of RAW. He was one of the major investors in the wrestling industry during the epidemic, as he outperformed his rivals when he walked in a square.

A few weeks ago, a Scottish fighter on WWE RAW stopped Kofi Kingston in singles to determine the number one candidate Bobby LashleyWWE Championship. The match ended without a competition, but over the next two weeks the two contenders fought again on the same terms. McIntyre came out on top, but the victory for the two-time WWE champion was far from over in the park.

Speaking of: Out of character with Ryan Satin“Drew McIntyre discussed these two meetings with Kofi Kingston,” he praised the “New Day” star.

“He’s unbelievable,” McIntyre said. “She was always incredible. I know him from FCW. He has always been passionate, he has always had talent and incredible charisma, especially when “New Day” started, it went to a completely different level.

“But you never really know how good someone is until you are in the ring with them. I knew how good he was,” McIntyre continued. “But to go out in the ring with him for the last two weeks, he’s a whole different level of person. We like that we can do some magic together. Coffin is a witch.”

Drew McIntyre is set to challenge for the WWE Championship this Sunday

Bobby Lashley և Drew McIntyre at WWE
Bobby Lashley և Drew McIntyre at WWE

With the victory over Kofi Kingston, Drew McIntyre earned his place as the number one contender for the WWE Championship. As a result, he will compete for the title in Hell in a Cell on Sunday for Bobby Leshley.

Of course, there are some additional elements to this conflict. The game must take place in the famous Hell, in the Mobile structure, to avoid external interference. Also, if McIntyre loses the match, he will not be able to challenge for the WWE title as long as Lashley retains the gold.

This fight will be the third match of their solo match this year. The first took place at WrestleMania, where McIntyre lost due to a deviation from the MVP. Their second singles contest was a non-title race on RAW before WrestleMania BackLash. This fight ended in disqualification after Brown Strouman intervened and strongly criticized both opponents.

This time, because of the “Hell in the Cell” structure, fans can hope that the meeting will not be contaminated by any intervention.

Who do you think will come out of hell in a cell as a WWE champion? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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