COVID-19 fears several schools drop out of Tokyo Olympics’s Paralympic spectator program

Amid fears of a coronavirus, several schools in Japan have dropped out of the Tokyo Olympics և Paralympic Games spectator program. This comes after thousands of volunteers also dropped out of the Tokyo Olympics for the same reason.

The Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics were originally scheduled for 2020, but had to be postponed due to the COVID-19 global outbreak. The Tokyo Olympics are just days away, starting on July 23, while the Paralympic Games start on August 24.

About 320 elementary school students from Nakhchivan Kanagawa Prefecture were scheduled to watch football and baseball matches in Yokohama. However, based on the views of school principals, the City Board of Education decided to exclude the Tokyo Olympics.

“We planned to travel by train, but the risk of infection is high,” said Tetsuya Takahashi, head of the city’s education department.

The number of applications for tickets to the Tokyo Olympics and the Paralympic Games has sharply decreased

The audience program envisages: The Olympic Games Tickets for schools և local government at a very discounted price of 2020 yen. According to the Tokyo Olympic Games և Paralympic Organizing Committee, as of January 2020, about 1.28 million purchase applications have been submitted.

The numbers have plummeted, all due to the COVID-19 epidemic and its high rates of infection. There was also a drop in the number of tickets from Cavago to Saitama Prefecture.

Compared to the initial bid of 5,558 tickets, last week that number dropped by more than 50 percent to about 2,400. Cavago will mainly play football and golf matches.

Ahead of so much uncertainty Tokyo Olympics և Paralympic Games, everything is a little in the air. The Yokohama Board of Education also said it would reaffirm itself if 323 schools were willing to continue their programs.

Although the hall was closed to foreign audiences Tokyo Olympics շատ Long before the Paralympic Games, a decision on the local crowd has yet to be made. The decision will probably be made at the end of the month. Live game shows have also been scrutinized amid viral fears.

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