5 reasons why the Brooklyn Nets lost to the Milwaukee Bucks in the 4th game of the 2nd round of the 2021 NBA playoffs

In: Milwaukee Bucks The series was successfully tied 2-2 Brooklyn Nets the time Fiserv Forum:They won 107-96 in the 4th game of the semifinals of the 2021 NBA Playoffs Archelian Conference.

The Brooklyn Nets came out of the locker room in closed clothes, leading the game 9-2 in the first minutes. On the edge of a few triangles և severely attacked Ian anis AntetokunmpoThe Milwaukee Bucks are back in action.

It was a tense battle as it could turn out to be one of the most physical games in the 2021 NBA playoffs. However, the Brooklyn Nets cooled down early in the second quarter and could not keep up with the Milwaukee Bucks.

Regardless, it was a decent tour for the Brooklyn Nets, who managed to stay out of the game with their two superstars out of the game. Here are five reasons why they lost to Milwaukee Bucks based on their performances on the pitch.

The # 1 Brooklyn Nets were terrific from the 3-point range

Brooklyn Nets Joe Harris # 12
Brooklyn Nets Joe Harris # 12

The Brooklyn Nets continued their poor form from a three-point range with another horrific shooting. The team shot 30.3% of very wild, fast-moving shots beyond the bow.

Aris Harris’ fight continued beyond the bow as he changed two of the six attempts. Even with such weak shots, he scored the maximum number of points for the team Kevin Durant It was 1 in 8, and Blake Griffin changed one of the four attempts.

# 2 The Brooklyn Nets turned the ball over many times

Brooklyn Nets - Milwaukee Bucks
Brooklyn Nets – Milwaukee Bucks

The Brooklyn Nets have done a great job of controlling the ball so far. However, the Milwaukee Bucks came out of the defense with renewed vigor, forcing the Nets to be reckless with their possessions.

In the first three games of the series, the Brooklyn Nets recorded 23 turnovers. The story was different in the 4th game, as the Milwaukee Bucks forced 17 turnovers.

The strength of Bax’s defense was greater than what the Nets could have used. They made the Nets jump from time to time without firing.

# 3 The Brooklyn Nets had a hard time defending the perimeter

When ian anis Antetokounpo starts to split three points, we can say that the defense is practically non-existent. The pressure of the pressure, no matter how small, is enough to make the Great Freak growl so that he has to miss his shot.

Although he failed to convert from the center with a shot from 5, he was in a unique position to punish the Brooklyn Nets.

Where ian anise failed, other members of the Milwaukee Bucks took the plunge. In the third game, PJ Tucker, who was invulnerable, scored 13 points with a 50% shot beyond the bow (3-of-6).

Things could have gotten worse for the Brooklyn Nets if the Milwaukee Bucks had failed to look as open as they got. Bax concludes the 16/47 result from a three-point range, which is the best among them so far.

# 4 Uncle Irving’s injury was a big blow

Kiri Irving Brooklyn Nets No. 11
Kiri Irving Brooklyn Nets No. 11

Kevin Durant was the only member of the Brooklyn Nets’ power trio on the field after Kairy Irving came off the field in the second quarter with a right ankle sprain. Hayes Harden came on in the first minute of the first game after he strained կո and has not played since.

During the first half, Durant was attacked, making it difficult for him to score a goal. He spent a huge third quarter with Tucker off the pitch as he soon had some serious problems. However, that was not enough to get his team back into the competition.

Except for Durant (28 points) and Irving (11 points), no Brooklyn Nets player has a double-digit score. The team lost the sense of urgency and was left out of both ends of the field.

# 5 PJ Tucker closes K. Durant

Quinn Durant, Brooklyn Nets No. 7, passes PJ Tucker of Milwaukee Bucks # 17
Quinn Durant, Brooklyn Nets No. 7, passes PJ Tucker of Milwaukee Bucks # 17

P. J. Thacker He is one of the best defensive players in the NBA, he showed that today. For such situations, he was arrested by the Milwaukee Bucks,: he delivers the goods.

His role in this series is to disappoint Durant և to limit his flow on the attack, which he has done very well in the last two games. Although Durant is an elite striker, he can hurt the team in more than one way, but the closing of Tucker disrupted his rhythm. He made a lot of forced shots in the 4th game, he was 25 out of 25 (36%) from the field.

Without the help of a power trio, the Brooklyn Nets had no other dangerous players to turn to, even when Durant drew with a double team.

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